Monday, June 13, 2011

Disappointment and Perseverance

3 weeks to go and there's no way in hell am I going to meet my goal.  I'm taking the next 3 weeks to refocus, reenergize and rededicate my efforts.

The gardens will be done, the deck cleaned and stained, the mulch down.  I'll finally be able to concentrate on my health.

The past 9 weeks have been tough.  I lost focus.  I've been so engrossed in getting the gardens ready for summer, I kinda forgot to get myself ready.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't gone back to my "old" ways.  For the most part, I'm eating healthy, staying active, even if it isn't my regular workout (and let me tell you, major gardening is hard work ... just try wrestling a shrub lol), I'm gardening, walking, taking stairs ... so while I haven't made progress, I haven't regressed either.

I haven't utilized a very powerful tool ... the blogging community.  I've been so busy being busy, I haven't taken the time to connect with others who are struggling too.  When I was consistent with blogging, it helped so much, I stayed on track more, I gave and received lots of love.  I felt a sense of commitment and obligation ... people were counting on me.  How could I have let them down .... let myself down?  With so few hours in the evening, it's so easy to let them get away from me.

So it's time to get the computer back into the office, clean it up, get my goals set, my forms prepared, all the crap off my desk, clear my head and refocus my efforts.

Here's to never giving up!