Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

I can't believe it was 1 year ago today that I wrote my first post (here).  A lot has happened in the past year.


I've met a lot of people in this wonderful community; some casually, some have become very special to me.  I try to make time to keep up on everyone's lives but unfortunatley I have limited time in the evenings and although I may not always comment, my thoughts are with you.

My journey started as a way to be accountable for my weight loss goals.  I knew that if there was even one person who took some inspiration ... something .... anything ... from my blog, then I was meant to continue it.  If only one person was looking to me to see whether this whole weight loss goal setting and the Body for Life program worked ... then I simply HAD to continue.  It's been a long road ... with a LOT more road ahead.  I've made decent progress ... about in keeping with the effort I put into it.  I had a great run of 9 months and onl about 4 missed workouts.  The nutrition aspect is a little harder for me.  But I continue to work at it.  I refuse to give up

One thing I have noticed is that in the past, if I got off track, that was it.  It would take me FOREVER to get back into the swing of things.  Now ... if I have a setback, like illness or injury, I'm back at my workouts just as soon as possible.

My attitude is so different.  I've gone from a grumpy, depressed, insecure, middle aged woman to a happy, confident, "younger" woman.  I smile most of the time.  I speak up with others ...compliment people when I really like something.  If I don't care for it, I simply refrain.  I'm trying to build people up ... too many tear people down.  I've been told through the grapevine that somebody (at least one person) doesn't think I dress professionally.  THAT is a load of B.S.  I may have gotten a little too stylish, co-ordinating my shoes with my tops, but TOO FREEKING BAD.  I am who I am and I like who I've become.  If they don't like it - their loss.

Speaking of style, this is another aspect of my life that has improved dramatically.  At least most days....
I take the time to put my clothes and jewellery out the night before.  I need all the help I can get ....  I take the time to apply makeup and make sure my hair looks great.  And the shoes .....  I think I have a problem.... (LOL)

The panic attacks have pretty much stopped.  For a while there, they happened often.  One hit so hard I almost called the ambulance ... I was home alone at the time and if you've never had one ... let me tell you ... they can be VERY scary.  But I've learned to shut them down within about 30 seconds normally.  WHEW!

So all in all, it's been an amazing year.  I've learned a lot about myself, met some awesome people, accomplished some goals and I'm generally a much, much happier person.

I'm looking forward to the next year ahead.  Developing relationships, getting fitter, improving my personal style.  I hope you'll stick around ... I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and to sharing my thoughts, my accomplishments and challenges.  I'll even include more outfit posts .... and of course my baby ... the gardens ....

"If you never even try to do something great, you have already lost."  (author unknown)

Have an awesome day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I was a little shocked this morning ...

Anyone who has endured a long struggle with their weight and who finally gets it together and successfully removes some weight can probably understand this.  I have been questioning whether I'm making progress.  My head tells me I am.  But it's frustrating.  You can't go by new clothes because a 12 is a 14 is a 16 sometimes.  Even existing clothing isn't helpful sometimes because if there's enough lycra or spandex in it, it stretches out and gives you a false sense of losing.  Taking measurements doesn't always work 'cause we lose all over and you may not put the tape exactly where it was the last time.  And don't get me started about the scale.

So the mirror should be an accurate measure, should it not????  You would think.  The problem is, sometimes we get so used to seeing ourselves in a certain way, we don't see the changes.  Today, I finally accepted the body who was staring back at me.  I finally realized that yes, I have made changes.  Not as many as I wanted in the past year.  But I'm heading in the right direction.

I've had a lot of people tell me lately I look great.  I wonder if it's the clothes, the hair and the makeup or whether they've noticed the weight loss and just can't put their finger on it ... they just know that I look better.  Hmm.

So if you're struggling...if you think you're not making kind to yourself.  And try to be patient.  It didn't find you overnight ... you certainly won't lose it overnight.

I leave you with this thought .....  "Strive for progress not perfection."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 6, Day 1 and I was a very bad girl yesterday....

You know, sometimes it just feels like the harder I try, the further behind I get.  I know it's not really true, but it just seems this winter that every time I got on a roll, something happened ... got sick (twice) and then the back injury.  I'm very happy to report, however, that I feel MUCH much better.  I had already booked a massage  before I got hurt.  It's for this Tuesday.  YAY!  I think my legs need it more than my back tho.

Monday, March 22nd was the first anniversary of the beginning of my transformation.  I had worked with a personal trainer before that and had gotten some momentum but then Christmas and illness hit.  March 22nd was the first day of my first Body for Life challenge.  I haven't actually entered the challenge ... I just do it on my own.  It keeps me on track and it keeps me grounded and focussed.

I asked Barry today if I was still making progress.  Sometimes we don't see ourselves as we actually are.  We get so used to seeing a certain image, sometimes it's really hard to break that.  I mean, I know that I've definitely made progress in the past year ... I've lost about 2 1/2 dress sizes.  But lately I'm frustrated between being sick and then being injured.  But at least I get right back at it as soon as I can.  I hate not working out.  I don't feel right.  This is by far the longest I've ever stayed consistent.  Maybe there's hope for me after all.  But Barry did say that my attitude is MUCH better, my style is back, so much is better from an emotional perspective.  And there have definitely been changes in my body.  My face is much slimmer, there's a lot less to my back and my butt is lifted and more defined.  That was always my biggest challenge ... I mean, I had the legs and the chest but never the butt.  Now I do ... or at least I'm well on my way.

So my goal for this time next year ... shopping for a bikini.  I've been wanting to do this for several years and although nobody will see me in it unless they're in my backyard, I'll know that I'll have the body for it.   I've never been on the right track for long enough to even think that a bikini might ACTUALLY be in my future.  Now I fully believe it will be.  It might take another year, but it will be.

I was a very bad girl yesterday.  You may or may  not know this about me....I'm an obsessed gardener.  Our backyard (40' x 50') used to be all grass except for a 10 x 20 shed and utility area.  I started with a 10x20' garden....just to try and see if I liked it.  Now that 40x50' backyard has a 14x16' deck, 3 paths and the rest of it is garden.  Pictures will be coming once there are flowers to make it look pretty.  The north side of our house was all grass, on a slope, that grew like a weed and never dried.  It's now home to hostas, monkshood, ferns and violets, among other things. 

Our neighbour to the south of us put in a garage.  Perfect opportunity for me to make another garden.  It's 6 feet wide and about 50 feet long (give or take).  Our front yard consisted of a garden directly in front of our house that was (yes, was) about 7 feet deep. 

And gardens that ran from the front of the house to the sidewalk ... one is 4 feet wide and one was 2 feet wide.

Here comes the bad girl.  As far as Barry was concerned, I was done expanding the gardens.  I mean, you have to have SOME lawn, don't you?  I personally don't think so but I digress.  So Barry left yesterday morning to meet a friend about a 90 minute or so drive from here.  He was going to be gone until roughly 8 p.m.  The day was chilly (6C) but quite bright.  So after I cleaned and tidied up the inside of the house, I was off to tack my latest expansion.  I had mentioned it before, but Barry wasn't too keen on it.  We have to keep SOME grass, he said.  Yeah, right.  So I grabbed my shovel, tested to see how my back was doing, and proceeded to expand the garden beside the driveway by 2 feet in width to balance the north side, as well as come 2 feet closer to the sidewalk in the front section.  After all, I need a path from the south side of the house to the north side and I had been traipsing along that section of lawn that is now "garden".  So I dug up the lawn, moved the edging, knocked the soil off the sod and moved the solar lights so they looked like they were in the "right" spot.  Of course when he got home last night it was 8:20 and already dark so he didn't notice.  It wasn't until we were talking about the yard waste bags when he brought up the fact that at least I wasn't putting sod in the bags.  I told him to look outsisde.

I must say, he's been a very good sport about it.  And I promise I won't expand any further.  Now it's vines.  We're going to attach a 4x8' "lattice" to the back of the house and grow a honeysuckle up it.  

I suspect there's going to be a LOT of vines in our yard.  I mean, when you can't use up any more real estate, you might as well go up.    I'm going to try my hands a peas this year.  Grow them up along the fence.  And we've got a beautiful red climbing rose in the back which will likely take up the entire back fence.  Barry and I are going to build an arbour in front of our back gate next year ... we've talked about it for the past couple of years and of course we'll mimick the pergola.  And the roses will grow up and over the arbour. 

Damn, I just LOVE summer and gardening.  It's supposed to get up to around 20C by the weekend.  WOO HOO!  These are old pictures tho'.  I'll post in the spring and summer when we actually have plants that are blooming .....

Today has been much quieter and less active.  Just normal household stuff.  Plus Barry took me to our local nursery.  I just HAD to buy a pot of red and yellow tulips (not blooming yet) and daffodils (neither are they), as well as bulbs/roots of 4 hostas, a red daylily, a red astilbe and a yellow and purple bearded iris.  I have yellow and I have purple ... now I have a combo.  It's been a good day.  Actually made a decent breakfast and a  nice dinner ... even had a glass of wine ... despite the cloudy, rainy weather, it's been a good day.

I hope you all have a great week.  Stay tuned for Wednesday's post ... time for a celebration!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just touching base

Hi all,

I just wanted to write a quick note to say hi to everyone.  I'm not sure how I did it, but I managed to pull a muscle in my back and have been laid up the past 2 days and haven't felt like communicating with anyone in any format.

I got to the massage therapist today ... she said she could actually see the muscle that was pulled.  Can we say inflammation???  I don't know if it was the workouts, the working in the garden or just moving the wrong way.  Or maybe a combination of all 3.  But I think I should be able to get to work tomorrow and get in to see my chiropractor; perhaps some accupuncture????

Anyway, I've got a hot date with my heating pad and lots of water tonight.  I might even get to spend some time with hubby ... the tabbies had my held  hostage at one point today ... one across the recliner at my feet and the other one across my thigh.  Life's rough you know ... :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Somebody turned the clocks ahead again ...

I think it's because we got up an hour later than usual.  Although I didn't really notice it until about 2 pm today ... and then every 5 minutes it was an hour later.  Or so it seemed.

We had a good weekend.  I got a TON of stuff done in the back garden.  I'm almost ready to start dividing and replanting.  Almost.  But I think I overdid it.  Only an hour to bedtime but I've got some serious stretching to do.

Barry's awesome.  I overdid my digging and had filled 4 bags with garden debris but by the time I was finished, I couldn't carry the bags up the hill.  So he went out and brough them up for me.  And he brought me my heating pad.  And made me tea.  And dinner.  Put the dishes away from the dishwasher and loaded it up gain.  And brought my laptop downstairs.  I never did get our insurance claims done.  I do have to get up and move tho or I won't be going anywhere tomorrow.

Speaking of which ... I really need to take a week off.  I'm usually OK with taking long weekends or a day here and there.  But I'm feeling like a need a real break.  From the office politics.  From using my brain so much (legal documents can be a real pain).  From the transiting into work and home.  I just need to shake up my days a little.  Friday was awesome, even if I did go downtown ... it was still something different.

I'm hoping we can pop into our local nursery this week.  I need flowers....that are blooming.  There's lots of growth ... I've got some crocuses that are almost in full bloom.  They're a bright, deep yellow and I absolutely LOVE them.

Kinda bad news about my electric blue nails ... they chipped like crazy.  Maybe it was all the manual labour.  Fortunately I have the colour.  Not nearly as good a job as Tonia but I'm ok with it.  I think.  I'll be seeing her on Friday for a new polish job.  Maybe sooner if this one is too bad.

Falling asleep ... and yes, it's only 9:10 p.m. ... better than yesterday ... then I was falling asleep around 4 pm ... gotta love the fresh air and exercise.

Hope you all had a great weekend ... and looking forward to a good week ahead.  Goodnight!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

OMG my arse hurts!

Anyone who thinks that gardening isn't exercise or work has never done much.  I don't mean watering, fertilizing and light deadheading.  I'm talking heavy cutting back, digging up, bending, squatting, awkward positions.  I was using a pitchfork (my newest fav gardening tool BTW) to rid myself of CATMINT!  I bought 3 little plants about 4 or 5 years ago.  If I hadn't throw out bags of the stuff, I could probably cover an acre!  I love the plant.  It's pretty, it's hardy (almost too bad that it is), it blooms all summer.  But man does it spread.  At least it spreads like crazy in my garden.  And every year I try to eradicate it out of my garden, I seem to end up with more of it.  Until this year (I hope).  I've always used a shovel.  I noticed the pitchfork is SO much better!

I cut back all my perennials and grasses back and started to dig up the catmint.  That was between a couple of hours yesterday and about 2 1/2 today.  I've still got a few hours of work tomorrow.  Just ridding myself of catmint could take an hour or two.  And then there's the yucca plants.... I really must refrain from plants that are "ambitious".  Plus my rockcress needs to be moved tomorrow. 

I still have some planning to do.  I need to divide some of my plants so I think I'm going to reorganize things a little ... do some repetition ... I have a bunch of holes to fill since I've dug up so much catmint and some other plant that's really quite pretty and I'm sure I'll still have some in the gardens, but again, it likes to spread.  It's been a great filler plant while my other flowers grew sufficiently so I could divide.  That's the beauty of perennials .... FREE PLANTS!

This past week has been phenomenal weather-wise.  16-18C (60-66F) which I realize for some is cool but for us ... it was WONDERFUL!  Today, it only got to about 8C.  It even tried to rain, then it had the audacity to flurry for a few minutes!

Tomorrow's supposed to be sunnier, but still only a high of about 8C.  I can't complain too much tho'.  It's more comfortable to do the heavier work when it's cooler.

Yesterday was wonderful.  Got to sleep in until 5:30 a.m.!  Woo hoo!  Worked out (legs), had brekkie and latte then Barry went to work and I hit the shower, got my gorgeous and headed out downtown to lunch with a very good friend of mine.  We were going to go the The Keg (Sophia, it's actually on York St ... used to be the old Movenpick location ... they've moved to BCE Place ... then their lease expired, were going to leave and now they're coming back .. fickly industry) but ended up going to Le Pappillion (was on Church, now on Front just east of Church) ... it's a lovely French restaurant, 2 story high, exposed brick, very simple design, but very nice.  GREAT waiter ... attentive but not too much.  We shared some pan fried scallops and I had a Maritime Crepe (crap, scallops and I can't remember what else).  Of course it's never enough time ... I don't seem him nearly as often as I'd like.  I've known him almost half my life.  YIKES!

Oh, I gotta tell ya ... I went for my bi-weekly mani-pedi on Thursday night.  Usually I'll paint my fingers one colour; my toes another.  This time they're the same.  ELECTRIC BLUE!  Freeking awesome!

I know, I disappear for a few days and then I write a freeking novel!  Time keeps getting away from me.  I'll try to do better ... I still have to catch up on everyone again.  URGH!

Hope you're all having a great weekend .....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(*#%@ computers and wonderful flowers .....

Sorry I disappeared again for a couple of days.  I, too, was having computer issues.  I made the mistake of deleting something and then I had this freeking pop up asking for a disc that I didn't have and it drove me to the point of slamming my poor laptop closed.   But she survived.  And so did I.  I finally had to break down and spend the $150 for a software package ... but YAY it fixed the problem.  Someone my Excel 2002 documents become Excel 2007 documents and I couldn't do ANYTHING in Excel and that's how I track my Body for Life progress. ARGH!  Anyway, I'm upgraded, working and happy, happy camper.  Of course the evening is speeding away from me but I did want to touch base and say hi.

On a MUCH MUCH happier note ... I finally did a tour of my gardens.  They're rather bleak looking right now ... it is only March 16th after all ... but our temps this week are around the 15C mark (or 60F) and it's WONDERFUL!  I noticed that my crocuses, daffodils, tulips and all kinds of other plants (I won't bore you with listing them all) although one of my absolute fav early spring flowers are Pasque Flowers. 

I had forgotten what it was like to come home at night and just take 20 minutes and tour the gardens to see what all was happening.  Spring, of course, is one of my favourite times of the year ... everything is awakening, life is good.  Fall, consequently, is one of my least favourite, only to be outdone by Winter.  But I digress.

The forecast is glorious for the balance of the work week.  I'm off on Friday but may be going downtown to meet a really wonderful friend for lunch at The Keg.  But I'll be home early enough to get a few hours of cutting back and even moving my rockcress.  This is from the last couple of years ... I'm not sure which one ...

The main problem with this is that's it's invading the pathway so I have to dig it up this weekend and replant it.

Since I only have a little over an hour before bed, I think I'd best be off to shower, finish the dishes and update my journals but I have missed you guys and I look forward to hearing from you, as always.  I'm sorry I haven't visited anyone's blogs the last few days ... but given my computer challenges, I'm sure you understand.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm in awe ....

As I've connected with different people in our wonderful "little" community here, it's really hit home to me how amazing the human spirit is.  It's the one thing that binds all of us, no matter where we were born, where we live, what our experiences or our life has been.

I find it amazing how one person will take adversity and turn it into something powerfully positive and yet others let themselves be destroyed by it.

I used to think I had a "rough" life ... I didn't realize how good I had it.  Yeah, I was almost date raped (long story), I've been in a couple of car accidents (nothing major), have back and neck problems (they're annoyances and it's amazing how much better they are the more I work out and lose weight), I've had emotion issues with parents and siblings (who hasn't), even had some issues with alcohol in my teens (never amounted to much of anything ... stayed away from it for a couple of years and now I can have a drink or a few drinks but it's only occasional).  As I read some people's stories, it makes me realize, and appreciate, just how amazing my life has been.

I don't take it for granted ... I know I was very blessed.  It could have been so much worse.  My mom stayed with my dad despite the fact that they just really didn't get along well.  She wanted me to have a good life.  So she sacrified her own happiness.  And I grew up healthy, reasonably happy despite the issues, and have somehow turned into a fairly decent person.  Of course I've had some great influences in my life...Barry being one of the biggest .... my parents of course ... my former boss and wonderful friend who put up with almost as much from me as Barry has. 

There have been so many influences, both good and bad, that have shaped me into who I am.  And I'm grateful to each one, good and bad.

To those of you who have shared your story and bared your soul ... thank you.  You've made my life richer for the experience and I wish you all the very best of life.

As an aside, I have been terribly remiss at getting back to people, posting awards, keeping in touch and I do apologize.  Even tho' the weather has been great, I think because I was sick so much this winter, I've been in a funk ... but no more ...  look out world .... she's on a roll!

Love you all ... and thanks for all your love and support.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This and that ....

So I thought I'd share some pics of some stuff I've been getting into lately ....

Changed the hairstyle ... don't mind the pose .. have no freeking idea what I was doing but it was after a couple of glasses of wine ... I think ....  This is my future sis-in-law Bobbi ... love, love, love her ... she's AWESOME!  Didn't realize how tiny she is tho'  .... didn't realize I was freeking BIG!

my girls Kathleen and Patricia ... first time Kathleen met Barry ... she made the comment "meeting Barry explains so much" to which Patricia replied "I know".... hmmmm

Barry and I sporting our new reading glasses ... yes, we've reached that age ... *sigh*

freeking awesome shoes ... love, love them!

fell in LOVE with this dress ... can't afford it tho ... *sigh*

need I say more ...

yes, it was Barry taking pictures ....

Except for the top picture, these were all taken a couple of weeks ago.  Barry came downtown after work and we met at a restaurant called Casey's and discovered Blueberry Frosts.  OMG, OMG, OMG ... I am in LOVE!  Coconut rum, pineapple juice and a blueberry/raspberry/strawberry puree, mixed and served in a martini glass .. WOW!  We're gonna try to make them at home ... Patricia has Jamaican coconut rum ... can't wait for summer!  Drinks on the deck ... how awesome ....  girls day on the deck and Barry's going to be our bitch for the day LOL  He volunteered ... anyone who knows him at all won't be in the LEAST bit surprised.

I'm so excited ... my new spring coat arrived today ... it'll look better with a few less pounds ... but it looks good now but they did some weird-ass thing with the belt ... gotta get rid of the belt loops that fall on the lower half of my boobs ... granted they take up a LOT of space ... but nevertheless ....

I called to make reservations at a B&B near my sister's ... we're going up to see her soon ... so the innkeeper asked if there would be 2 of us and I said "yes" and she asked if it was my husband joining me to which I responded "yeah, I thought I'd leave the boyfriend at home that weekend".  She got a kick out that.  She sounds like a lot of fun and she laughs at my silliness which is always good.  Can't wait to see my sis ... it's been 3 years I think ... and she's only a 3 hour drive away.  BAD SISTER (me).  Life really does get in the way sometimes....

I think I'm getting tired ... all this working out is taking a toll ... and making progress.  Barry tells me my butt's getting better ... actually getting some shape .. I was blessed with great legs and big boobs but a flat ass.  Squats, squats and MORE squats ... woo hoo!  I digressed ... I'm getting really silly ... so I'll bid you all adieu and hope you have a great day tomorrow and into the weekend.  Our weather has been OUTSTANDING!  But the rain's coming ... that's ok ... as long as it's not snow.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meeting new people

My intention for tonight's post was something fun and, quite frankly, rather frivolous.  And then I read a comment on my last post from a woman I have not met before.  Her name is Sophia and she's a fellow Canadian (from the Toronto area I think ... YAY) and she's new to our blogging community and she has forever changed my attitude.  It didn't have far to go, but she's certainly made me sit up and take note.

If you want to be inspired, if you need a "reality check" if you're feeling down of your life, I encourage you to read her blog at Falling Off a High Heeled Life.  Very inspiring.  She's fighting back from a horrible car accident and although she's new and only posted a few times, her story is inspiring.  It brought me to tears of both sadness (for her accident and what she has lost) and also joy, as I found her very inspiring.

I hope you enjoy her blog and get half as much out of it as I did.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day

Oddly enough it was a man at work who told me today was International Women's Day.  So all my girls ... Happy Happy Day!

I've never given much thought to Women's Day .... although perhaps I should.  We need to celebrate our uniqueness and our strength and everthing that makes us special.  But not just once a year; every day.  Women are the glue that binds everything together.    We're the caregivers (big time); the cooks; the cleaners; the laundry person; the taxi (if you have kids although I must admit I have a pretty awesome "chauffeur"); the list goes on and on.

I digress a little ... today was just the most spectacular day, weather wise, that we've had in months and months.  it got up to 14 degrees C (almost 60F); bright sun, not too windy at lunch ... I even made a point of walking down to Harbourfront.  It was a brisk walk, followed by sauntering along the waterfront, then a brisk walk back to work.  Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood, lots of people just sitting, basking in the sunshine.  Of course I can't seem to sit still for that long ... or is that because I needed to get back to work ... hmmm

Ladies ... we need to make sure that we carve a little time for ourselves each and every day.  It might only be 20 minutes.  But I urge you to take the time.  It's totally worth it.  After all, without us, where would the men be?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 1, Week 3 .... a fabulous day!

So while Barry was off to a scale model builders contest (placed second for an awesome Batmobile he did years ago), I spent the day at home alone.  I was going to go with him but it was far too nice out and I've been way too overwhelmed by how far behind I am with stuff around here.

I managed to get a lot of things done ... mundane things ... but necessary.  And it felt great! 

So around 2:00 I decided to go for a walk to our local plaza, pick up some yard waste bags and a coffee and a walk home.  It was an absolutely glorious day today ... about 10 degrees celsius (50 degrees F) although it was rather windy but at least the sun was out in its full glory.  I opened the windows of the house, turned off the furnace for a while and the house smells better ... aired out.

So when I got home, I grabbed my gloves, pruners and a cople of yard waste bags and started filling them.  I concentrated in the front since it's visible to the public and desperately needed attending to.  It's not all done but it's a LOT better than it was.  I half expected to find a mouse run by ... I don't cut my perennials back in the fall ... I wait for the Spring ... so there was lots of debris.  But nothing ran up my arm so I was happy.

Today really did my sould a WORLD of good.  I've been feeling so out of sorts lately, way too emotional.  I'm hoping this is the start of better days...  I haven't decided whether I'm going to make this blog a hodge podge of stuff or keep my other blog (specific to gardening) going.  I'm not sure.

I had a great workout this morning ... ate healthy all day today.  Didn't go overboard.  It's a little easier on the weekends 'cause I'm not up as long.  I'm starting to think like a healthy person again instead of thinking like someone who is trying to get healthier and fitter.  I'm trying to stay as active as possible, incorporating lots of walking.  I do need to have my evening snack and do some stretching tho' so I'm going to bid you all adieu.

And thanks for hanging in with me.  It's been a rather odd time.  I hope it was just the February blues.  I'm sure it was.  March is always a good month.   Oh yeah, I actually have new growth in the gardens ... it's so exciting!  It's my second favourite time of year ... of course summer is my most favourite.

Have an awesome week!  Chat soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making progress

So despite having a sore left foot with plantar fasciatus (I can't remember how to spell this) and a right foot that's badly cracked due to a rough pedicurre (gotta remember to tell them to be GENTLE), and getting to bed a little too late last night, I still got up, did my cardio and ab workout, ate healthy food today (including a large spinach salad ... way too much dressing but it was yummy nevertheless), went for about a 20 minute fairly brisk walk at lunch and then another 20 minute moderately brisk walk after work with hubby, despite my right hell being extremely sore.  So I guess it's kinda kudos for me. 

Actually, I feel like I just don't have any choice in the matter.  I have to obtain my goals of losing 15 pounds and 3 inches off my tummy and getting into a size 12 (that's up in the air right now 'cause I wear both a 13/14 and a 15/16, depending on clothes.  So the weight and inches are the main things.  And I need to accomplish this by June 5th.  Sounds like a long ways a way ... but it'll be here before I know it so I've got to throw as much at this thing as possible ... and that means staying active and eating proper amounts and types of food.

One problem tho'.  My metabolism has kicked into gear and I've been so hungry the past couple of days.  But the worst thing you can do is starve yourself so I'll keep on eating healthy and exercising.

I do want to thank you all for sticking with me the past few weeks ... February was not a good month at all.  But I seem to be out of it.  Everything came to a head yesterday morning but now I feel good.  Go figure.

Since I'm falling sleep writing this, I'd better say goodnight for today....


Monday, March 1, 2010

Enough is enough!

I got to thinking today about how I've been feeling and sounding lately and man, I'm tired of myself.  I'm not sure what got into me.  Horrormones ... not dealing with things ... the weather ... me .... take your pick.  So enough is enough.  I don't like listening to people whine about things ... and that totally includes myself.  So. Onwards and upwards.

Today started off rough ... way too emotional which is really frustrating.  I had a hysterectomy so I didn't have to (among other things) go through PMS every month.    The past 2 weeks have been like my absolute worst month yet!  But somehow I'm feeling better.  Of course the weather's better too ...  I really can't wait for spring to get into full swing. 

So I did my lower body workout today ... my legs don't hurt as much as last week.  I ate well today ... small amounts, lots of fruits and veggies and water (among other things).  I resisted the urge to buy an Almond Snickers while waiting for hubby to pick me up even though I was hungry.  I went for a brisk 30 minute walk at lunch and another right after work. 

I came across a picture of me from 2 years ago at a lunch with my department at work.  OMG!  If I ever feel like I'm not making any progress, I'll just look at that picture.  I looked old, unhealthy and unhappy and fat, fat, fat.  Well ... I was all of those things.  That was a very, very dark period in my life.  But I'm over that and now I just focus on where I'm going instead of where I've been.  A friend of mine at work said it didn't even look like me.  Thank you Kathleen.....

I even went (sort of) looking for a trench coat and everyday dresses at Winners.  I gotta admit, I'm not a huge Winners fan.  I know, that's sacrilege in some people's minds.  I find it very difficult to find things that fit me well there.  I'm not desperate for a trench the time is going to come.  I don't have anything right now that even remotely looks like a trench, a spring jacket, whatever.  I'll just keep me eyes open.  It's still a little early, but if the weather keeps shaping up like it's supposed to be for this week, I'll have to open wide....

Tomorrow morning I'll get up, do a cardio and ab workout, eat healthy all day, do my 2 walks and enjoy the sunshine.

Yikes!  I just noticed what time it is and I still have to change purses, dry my hair and get to bed before 10 (its 9:40 now ... waddya think ... am I gonna make it???)

Before I leave, I must acknowledge and thank both Jennifer Fabulous and my hubby wubby ... I mean Barry ... for the great awards they have bestowed upon me.  I think I'm actually forgetting someone but right now it escapes me.

Man, it's tough to keep up with all these awards :)

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do."  Author unknown