Thursday, April 23, 2009

nearing the end of week 5

Thankfully .... only 1 more day. I have been battling a chocolate craving for days. It's not going away. My body wants to gorge on chocolate. You'd almost think I was PMSing. Without all the nasty stuff I guess. But I digress (like THAT never happens LOL) ... it's been a tough week. I've been getting up and working out and for the most part my nutrition has been pretty good but dinners continue to be my challenge for one reason or another. But I guess these things are sent to try us so I'll do my best for tomorrow, pig out on Saturday, feel like crap early Sunday, get back on track and keep active. I'm thinking a DQ is in order. Like a brownie explosion or something. We didn't go last weekend and it's going to so be a "summer" weekend so I'm just gonna have to get hubby to run me up at some point on Saturday. Maybe we'll take a break and run up (grubbies and all), run INTO, as opposed to the drive-thru (my major pet peeve) and grab something yummy. Of course, I'll regret it on Sunday, but I think I need to do this to get over this chocolate craving. Don't get me wrong, drive-thrus have their time and place and anyone with children in the car ... I TOTALLY understand why you don't want the hassle of getting everyone out of the car, into the fast food place, then getting everyone back into the car. But for those of us who are capable, who have 2 legs that work perfectly well, get out of your vehicle and walk into your choice of fast food establishment or your stuff, then walk back to your car. Here's an idea ... park as far away as you can. It's better for you, better for the enivronment, etc. But that's just my humble opinion. I wore a great pair of pants today. They have lycra (wonderful fabric) in them and they've stretched out quite a bit since I bought them. So it feels like I've lost lots of weight. I'll let you know the end of next week (halfway there) how I'm doing. Might even share pictures. I know it's going to probably take 3 "challenges" to get where I want to be, but that's ok. I didn't gain 60 pounds overnight ... and it sure ain't gonna come off overnight either. But I'm ok with that. At least I'm honouring my self-promises and I'm making progress. So until tomorrow .... I hope to have an update too.

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