Sunday, May 24, 2009

17 more workouts!

Today was great. Cardio workout was great. Ate healthy, drank TONS of water. Busy day. Awesome day. Weather was amazing. Got lots of work done outside. It's amazing how different I feel these days. I used to feel so tired and dragged out. Now I have so much energy. I've just spent 8 days working outside in the gardens, getting everything ready for the summer. I'm determined to not have projects going on this summer. I promised Barry that if he gave me the Spring, I've give him the Summer. Kickin' back, chillin' on the deck, entertaining friends, going to visit others, trip to the Zoo, Centre Island, whatever. Of course I'll keep my workouts going. After a week's rest at the end of this Challenge, I'll be back at it, more focussed then ever. For anyone who just doesn't seem to have the energy or the inclinication or whatever, I highly recommend eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and some form of regular exercise. Weights, walking, cycling, swimming, whatever. It's amazing the difference it makes. I'm off to get my solid 6 hours. Gotta get back to work tomorrow. This past week was the best vacation I could have taken. Regular workouts, healthy food (for the most part) and hours and hours in the sunshine. Make sure you enjoy your life and participate in it ... not just let it pass you by. Until tomorrow!

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