Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm so proud of my man!

In the past, Barry, who I love more than I can possibly express, has been my enabler. What whatever reason (and there are several options), he would just "go along" with what I said I wanted to eat. Even if my plan was for chicken, rice and veggies, if I suddenly felt like A&W, then we had A&W (they do something to the Root Beer when you have it in the restaurant.

Anyway, tonight we had a couple of stops to make and nothing readily available for dinner and we were both very hungry (I was bordering on woozy) ... we stopped at our local Shoppers and Barry had gone into A&W to use the bathroom. He met me at Shoppers and we were discussing dinner and I suggested A&W (I didn't really feel like it; I'm not sure what my motivation was) and he said no. I couldn't believe it. But I was so proud. I think it's 'cause he has more faith in me these days and the past week or so has been really rough that he didn't want to see me slide back into my old habits.

So we went to Health Plus, I grabbed some vitamins and a really healthy bar and ate it on the way home. Then I made dinner. Mac and real cheddar and some carrots. Not the best meal but a damned site better than a Mozza Burger, Onion Rings and Root Beer (probably would have put me at about the 1,500 cal mark for 1 meal (my DAILY allotment is 1,300). I'm sure I had more mac and cheese than I should have but it was the lesser of 2 evils.

Plus I feel like I've grown a spare tire in just one week.

Visited chiro (been having back trouble the past week) and he said it was important to keep working out (which I did this morning ... cut WAY back on my weights and I'll take it a little easy the rest of the week with the weights then ramp it back up again next week if all goes well (which it will).

I shall bid you all adieu for the night ...


  1. He's a good man, there are too many of us left...