Friday, November 20, 2009


First of all, Jennifer, I love your comments, whether they're long or short so  never worry about leaving a long comment ... it's always enjoyed.  Miss reading your new posts girl!  And thanks so much for your encouragement.  I'm hosting my first jewellery show tomorrow (Sat).  The last one was a couple of years ago (can it really be that long ago, yeesh) and my sister and her daughter (the jewellery makers) took care of the sales etc.  This time, it's all me.  I'm excited and really looking forward to it.  I hope it's a good turnout without being too crazy.  I've got 3 altogether coming up and I really hope I clean out their stock so they have to work like crazy through the winter to re-stock for upcoming shows.  I'm trying to stay calm about the whole thing but man I'm excited!  Can you do me a favour ... I'd love to get an impartial opinion.  Can you check out her website and let me know what you think?  Of course pics don't do them justice, I was surprised at how much better they are in person.  I'd really appreciate it.

Melanie, I love your posts.  You always give me something to look forward to.  And I really appreciate your comments.  And if I can be a source of inspiration of help or support or whatever, I'm really happy to do so.  It's so easy to get caught up in my own life, it's nice to be able to step up for someone else and give them some support when they need it.

Cindy, if you're checking, I miss you!  It's been way too long girlie!  I know you must be swamped.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you and reading your thoughts.

Tony, it does my heart good to hear you more positive and congrats on the new job if I didn't mention it before.  I hope you've settled into the whole "I'm gonna be a dad again" role.  I'm sure you have.  And I could definitely give you some ideas on dressing ... LOL

S.C., haven't heard from you in a while.  I hope the pregnancy is going well.  Can wait to see you guys.  I'm sorry we haven't gotten together earlier ... it's just been crazy between our schedules.  Have you been following SYTYCD S6?   I was so disappointed with the Canadian S2.  *sigh*

LeeAnn - where you been girl?????  Haven't heard from you in ages.  I hope everythign is ok and we see you guys at the party.

And last but certainly not least ... Pookie (aka Barry), thank you so much for introducing me to blogging and to some great people.  It took me a while to get into it, but now that I am, it's hard to shut me up.  Your support means so much.

Stay tuned for pics and updates on the show tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I seem to have developed a little problem ... my leopard pants I just bought a couple of weeks ago ... they're getting big already.



  1. I've actually never seen Lost Boys. I really need to do that soon!! Ohh you do jewelry?? My mom used to make jewelry way back when I was little. I wish you all the luck with the show. My mom found that if you have lesser expensive pieces too people buy those as well as the bigger pieces. Aww thank you for your omg kind words. Yes you are supportive, you and barry and thats wonderful. It helps to get that outsider point of view. =)

    Hope all goes well with the meet & greet too!!

    Your pants are loose? You go girl!!

  2. I *hate* the new stage on SYTYCD S6... SYTYCDC S2 was OK but nowhere as good as S1.

    I am pleased T.J. won though :>

    I've been writing a bit in the baby-to-be blog and in the kids blog but not so much in mine.

    Tired, moody and hormonal does not make for good blogging :>

    Looking fwd to seeing you guys as well! As we ought to be able to attend the Xmas party (barring any complications).


  3. You're welcome hon, I'm glad you're getting more into it!


  4. The jewelry show sounds like fun!! I looked at your sister's website and her beaded jewelry is gorgeous. I love all the colors she uses. She is very talented. :)
    Sorry for my lack of posts these days. Work got out of control last week. But I have one coming up (hopefully tonight) that believe it or not was inspired by something that you and Pookie (hehehe) have on your blogs. :P