Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some of my favourite pictures ...

I was looking through photos that I have on my laptop and thought I'd share a few of my favourite ones with you ...

Belle and Widget ... Widget was probably 5 or 6 months old then.


The Forsythia in full bloom ... kinda wild ... like me :)

I know, he doesn't look impressed ... but damn he's cute!

Our dining room ... and our philosophy

Barry built the fireplate mantle although you can't really see it .. the rest of the unit was from The Brick.

Our newly finished deck ... of one of good things about 2008

Even though I hate winter ... I thought this was an amazing picture.

This was the view from our cabin at The Domain of Killien in Haliburton, ON. 
We splurged for a weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. 
It was wonderfully peaceful and relaxing.  Topic for a future post.

That's it for now ... future slideshows will follow at some point.  Although I must do a fashion post ... but not one you would expect.  Have an amazing weekend!


  1. What cuties!! Your so lucky to have cats. I love your deck & your living room. I adore snow pictures on trees. hehe. That deck outside must be so nice in the summer. I bet you stay out there all the time. =) Happy New Year!!!! I hope you guys had a great new year. =)

  2. This was great. I'm thinkin' we should do more posts like this!


  3. Damn, girl! I'm trying to catch up on all that I missed when I was having computer issues, and just got to read your post where you mention me. I can't tell you how honored that makes me feel!

    You also need to know that I look up to you and admire your commitment to change. What you are doing is not easy. I know. I had some weight and health challenges a few years ago. But I am proud of your effort and commitment, and I know that you will achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

    I am looking forward to a year of success and achievement for both of us in 2010!

    P.S. Love the pictures! I want that deck!