Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you for your inspiration

First off, I'd like to thank Betty, Barry, Erika, Diane, Melanie, Heather Rose and MACA for your comments on my last post about getting back into the swing of things.  Melanie ... you can do it girl.  I had a problem with life getting in the way.  Then I started getting up stupid I know it's hard to get back into it.  But you can do it.   Erika ... stick with it girl ... it just takes a little (ok a lot) of effort and determination, but you can get back to feeling great. 

Today was a really good day.  I stayed on track with my nutrition, had a good workout, maintained a positive attitude (which I usually do anyway),  reviewed my goals, and just generally had a good day.  My only downfall was coffee.  I really want to cut the coffee (other than my morning espresso) out.  I just don't seem to be making a very good effort at it.  Plus I need the extra caffeine, although sometimes it's just habit.  Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

I'd also like to thank Jennifer Fabulous for a comment she made on my 200th post, asking what you consider beautiful.  Her answer was kindness in people towards each other.  I've been thinking about that a lot the past couple of days and wanted to thank her for inspiring a topic of conversation.

We get so busy in life, time pressures of  work, family, friends, groceries, cleaning, errands, etc. etc. etc.  It is so easy to forget the little "niceties" which really should be part of our days.  I say "thank you" when someone holds the door open ... man or woman ... and I usually look to check to see if someone is coming up behind me so I can hold the door open, even if it means it delays me a second or two.   And people are so surprised.  How sad is that?  How did we ever get to be such a rude society?  So unforgiving, forgetful, so full of ourselves.  Don't get me wrong ... I'm a LONG way from perfect.  But my parents raised me right and proper upbringing makes it really hard to be rude ... but there are days ....

Keeping in touch with friends and family ... by phone, not email.  One of the best/worst things that has come along is email.  Yeah, it's convenient but it's also so impersonal.  It's definitely better than nothing.  We have various friends and family that we keep talking about calling ... saying we have to go see them this summer ... hell, it's been 2 1/2 years since I saw my SISTER ... and she only lives about 3 hours or so away.  But summer it's traffic and winter it's weather and the excuses we can come up with to avoid doing something ... YEESH!

But isn't it great when you see someone help a stranger?  Hold a door, pick up something that someone dropped (I know a woman who ran halfway through the parking lot to return a glove I think it was to someone who dropped it and had an MP3 player on so didn't hear her calling him), let a car go ahead of them, all kinds of things we can do to show others kindness and respect.

I have really enjoyed meeting all of you.  Your posts and your comments have made me laugh, cry, be inspired, make me think a little deeper, exposed me to things I wouldn't have thought much about.  You are an amazing group of people and I just wanted to make sure you knew that you inspire me to be a better person, to still to my goals, to keep my promises (especially those self-promises I struggle with so much).

Thank you. 


  1. You really do have a great blog here. I have a blog myself which brings inspiration and guidance to people all around the world. Life is hard enough, and I hope my site can contribute anything positive to someone's day.

    I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible. Until then, keep up the good work.


  2. you're right about a "fast life" syndrome...and I love to see...handwrited letters, at least this was my Christmas present ^.^

  3. As much as people here have inspired you, so too have you had an effect on others. It's an amazing thing to realize isn't it, the impact we all can have on others we have never (and probably never will) meet.

    Gotta love it huh?


  4. I think that's the biggest thing with anything in life. Taking it one day at a time.

  5. Sandy, you are so right about RAOK, even if it is not acknowledged, it still makes you feel good. Sometimes I wonder if younger people have been taught any manners at all from their parents. Another point I agree on, is how busy with life eveyone is. We are just as guilty as well, about promising visits and phone calls. I truly wish life would slow down sometimes, so we could fully appreciate things. I find the easiest thing to do is to keep loved ones and friends in my thoughts, and even though I might get wrapped up in life, and email and such might be the easiest (not always best) way to communicate, and that way the people I care about are not very far away at all.

  6. You are SO right about e-mail. I see the internet as a blessing and a curse.
    I am thankful for the internet because it makes work a LOT easier, I get the opportunity to share my writing online, I meet absolutely amazing people like YOU, and I get to keep in touch more often with people I normally wouldn't.
    BUT, it has definitely taken away the human aspect of everything. Instead of seeing each other as people, we have become defined by faceless personalities. Communication is no longer personal. And if you're mad at someone, it is SO easy now to send a hurtful e-mail with the click of a button rather than write out a thoughtful letter, expressing your feelings in a respectful manner.

    We have become a crude, impatient society, I believe.

    But I don't think technology is bad necessarily...it's just how you use it.

    I am so happy I met you Sandy!! You are such a beautiful person and I really feel like I can relate to you on a lot of levels. It's really hard to meet someone like that, so I feel very lucky.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week. xoxoxo!!