Monday, March 1, 2010

Enough is enough!

I got to thinking today about how I've been feeling and sounding lately and man, I'm tired of myself.  I'm not sure what got into me.  Horrormones ... not dealing with things ... the weather ... me .... take your pick.  So enough is enough.  I don't like listening to people whine about things ... and that totally includes myself.  So. Onwards and upwards.

Today started off rough ... way too emotional which is really frustrating.  I had a hysterectomy so I didn't have to (among other things) go through PMS every month.    The past 2 weeks have been like my absolute worst month yet!  But somehow I'm feeling better.  Of course the weather's better too ...  I really can't wait for spring to get into full swing. 

So I did my lower body workout today ... my legs don't hurt as much as last week.  I ate well today ... small amounts, lots of fruits and veggies and water (among other things).  I resisted the urge to buy an Almond Snickers while waiting for hubby to pick me up even though I was hungry.  I went for a brisk 30 minute walk at lunch and another right after work. 

I came across a picture of me from 2 years ago at a lunch with my department at work.  OMG!  If I ever feel like I'm not making any progress, I'll just look at that picture.  I looked old, unhealthy and unhappy and fat, fat, fat.  Well ... I was all of those things.  That was a very, very dark period in my life.  But I'm over that and now I just focus on where I'm going instead of where I've been.  A friend of mine at work said it didn't even look like me.  Thank you Kathleen.....

I even went (sort of) looking for a trench coat and everyday dresses at Winners.  I gotta admit, I'm not a huge Winners fan.  I know, that's sacrilege in some people's minds.  I find it very difficult to find things that fit me well there.  I'm not desperate for a trench the time is going to come.  I don't have anything right now that even remotely looks like a trench, a spring jacket, whatever.  I'll just keep me eyes open.  It's still a little early, but if the weather keeps shaping up like it's supposed to be for this week, I'll have to open wide....

Tomorrow morning I'll get up, do a cardio and ab workout, eat healthy all day, do my 2 walks and enjoy the sunshine.

Yikes!  I just noticed what time it is and I still have to change purses, dry my hair and get to bed before 10 (its 9:40 now ... waddya think ... am I gonna make it???)

Before I leave, I must acknowledge and thank both Jennifer Fabulous and my hubby wubby ... I mean Barry ... for the great awards they have bestowed upon me.  I think I'm actually forgetting someone but right now it escapes me.

Man, it's tough to keep up with all these awards :)

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do."  Author unknown


  1. You're definitely my sunshine. :)


  2. I love you!! I hope you're having a fabulous week. :) You're a ray of sunshine in my life too!