Sunday, May 23, 2010

I've joined the 21st century! and other stuff

I finally broke down and got a Blackberry.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to work the damned thing!  I managed to send my girl J an IM.  Only thing is, I didn't mention who it was and it's a WAY different number.  *sigh*   So then I called her after about 5 IMs back and forth.  The instruction book, online, is like 320 pages.  YIKES!  But I think I'm really going to enjoy it.  I've already input a bunch of contacts and appointments birthdays and they've already popped up as reminders so I'm not completely illiterate.  J and fiance D are coming over today and they each have Blackberry so I'll get D to help.  I basically want this sucker to keep my life in order.  yeah, right.

Yesterday was a very odd day weather-wise.  We had a little of everything.  Sun, showers, cloud, wind, humidity.  It just kept changing.  And we just kept working outside.  Or at least I did.  Barry did a couple of very important jobs too, even through a shower or two.  Today looks better although they're calling for isolated showers again.  But it's sunny now so I'm not complaining....

Yesterday was awesome.  I got the rest of the containers planted (except for tomatoes and herbs but I'll take care of them this coming week), and it turned out I had a bunch of extra annuals so into the gardens they went.  The front of the house  is now completed ... just have to mow, trim and sweep and we'll be in great shape.  The back just needs a little weeding in a couple of spots before I can plant the morning glories and the cleome.

I hope you're all having a great weekend ... it's a long one for those of us in Canada ... so I'll be sitting on the deck this afternoon with my girl J having a wonderful drink I happened across ... Tropicana makes an orange/mango/peach juice with some Malibu rum.  Tasty ..... :)

Until next time!


  1. I do have a Blackberry too but up until now, I haven't tried all the features yet. It's just about calls for me.

    Have a great afternoon with J. xoxo

  2. What a lovely week-end and it sounds like you certainly your some R&R ... and cold beverages ... enjoy yout tme with J. As for the blackberry ... I call it my "active brain", although I still keep a written agenda, without the blacberry , I would forget even more things and be completely lost!!! Enjoy ... thanks for your sweet words on my Multi-task post .. it was wonderful to read such positive comments after 4 days without internet.

  3. I love Malibu rum :)
    I love relaxation days!
    Thanks for your comment a few days ago, I hope to get more confident in the future and less stressed out about life, work, etc.!
    If you're interested in doing a guest post about how life was in your 20's, let me know, I'd be happy to post it.