Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fighting the good fight.

So I got back into the habit of working out 6 days a week.  I've missed a couple of Fridays (my 6th day of the week) but I've fought myself to get out of bed at stupid o'clock most days.

Mostly my nutrition is ok but the portions are getting out of hand again.  Still drinking too much coffee and not enough water.

I've been lax about consisting blogging and commenting.  So much for the universal law of reciprocation and encouraging people.

This is the 3-pronged approach to Body for Life.  I'm trying.  Life keeps getting in the way.  Actually, I've been letting life get in the way.  I know what to do.  I've been doing it for over a year.  But I've gotten complacent.  I don't have time for complacency....

Some would say that it's understandable how life can take over considering everything that's been doing on the past several weeks.  But reallly ... I get up early and workout.  Preparing fruits and veggies doesn't take that much time ... I don't know why I put off making my fruit salad (which is very easy, very yummy and very nutritious ... lots of antioxidants!) ... it takes 10 minutes to make.  Veggies take about 10-15 minutes to prepare, depending on how many I have to do.  So why aren't I making my health a priority????

Diabetes and heart disease run rampant in my family.  My sugar has been too high for too long altho' my dr. doesn't seem to be concerned.  I've been the same for years.  I guess it's normal for me.  My dad always ran a little high too.  Go figure.

My sister's sugars were not good ... this surgery will make a huge difference.  My brother's sugars (they're both diabetic) were not good.  He's joined a gym.

My "Lesson for Life" today talked about putting your hands firmly on the steering wheel and driving instead of just going for a ride.  It's so easy when you just let your hands go, how easy it is to slack off and things get out of control.  The weight goes up, the health and fitness level goes down.

As of today, I am being more vigilant with my journaling ... not just writing things down, but actually following them.  I'm going to be a big fruit salad, chop up the veggies and boil up some eggs.  Egg whites are one of the staples of my diet for protein.  I will make sure that any time I shop, I take care of the produce right away. 

Veggies and protein are the best for me.  Sandwiches are easy for lunches for work but I don't love carbs and they sure don't love me. Actually, I think they do since they love to stick around LOL.  The trick is to find what works for you ... and STICK WITH IT!  Consistency really is the key.

When I started on this journey in March 2009, I was so committed and I kept up with it.  And I saw good results ... maybe not as good or as fast as I wanted, but I'm not 20 any more.  It's going to require a little more time and effort.  But I can't go back.  It's not an option any more.  I used to give up so easily but I've fought too hard for too long and made too much progress to blow it now.

So I will continue to fight for my goals.  After all, my sis and I are gonna be a couple of hot chicks in a few months ... we'll help each other and encourage each other.  After all, that's what it's all about ... helping.


  1. Sandy .. very well said...

    No you are not 20 - YOU are wiser, smarter, better looking (I believe all women look better as they age - no matter how gorgeous their younger self may have been) - as you now have CONFIDENCE!!!

    What use to help me in preparing meals for work lunches was the use of corningware - small bowls and small oval pieces w/lids. I discovered I could eat anything I wanted as the size of the dishes really were just portion size (=control).

    Hubby has been making sure that fruit is washed and chopped (as applicable) and in fridge - I find this has helped with eating more fruit for me.

    The coffee - I have no answers - I'm desperately trying to get off the stuff myself... if anyone has a suggestion --- Please---- . Not having any in the house is not an option - Hubby loves his coffee..

    Glad to hear all is going well with your sister ..HHL

  2. Fabulous post, darling!
    Reminds me to drink more water and less coffee!


  3. Great post! Consistency is the hardest part - I'm only 22, but I know that diabetes runs in my family too, so I'm trying to form really good habits now..I'm slowly getting better!

    Good luck! :)

  4. hey there! so glad i came across this blog -- beautiful post! xoxo.

  5. Good luck!
    YOu can do it!
    I am sooo bad about working out. I think the key is to find something that doesn't feel like exercise. For me, that's dance.
    I need to eat more fruits and veggies also!

  6. Great thing about life and weightloss is, you can always start fresh!

  7. You could have not said it better consistency is key! I just started my "journey" about two months ago I still struggle with time to make meals and having the energy to go run, but I try to push myself back out there when I slip. I am glad you have your sister for support and encouragement, that is very needed when you are having weak moments. The fruit salad you mentioned sounds yummy! :) I should try one sometime. And if it helps at all, I will be here to read through your ups and downs and hopefully offer some inspiration from all the way in Texas! :)