Sunday, June 27, 2010

The first guest post that I wrote ....

I recently wrote a guest post at Life after College (post here) .  It was a lot of fun to look back at my adult life, especially living through the 80's. 

Jill's blog is great for those who don't know her.  It's interesting to get the perspective of someone half my  age.  I encourage you to check her site.  I think you'll really enjoy it.

It's not raining right now so I think I'm going to seize the opportunit to get out in the gardens and do some weeding and cleaning up.  Yeesh!

Hope you all have an awesome day!


  1. Hey Girl! Congratulations on your first guest post! It's a nice feeling, huh! Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Sandy ... what a great Guest Post you wrote! I'm sure that many of us who were teens through the 80s will see parts of in all that you wrote.

    How wonderful to be able to share your experience and knowledge with the next generation. Happy gardening HHL.

  3. YAY for guest blogging, and no rain! :) Though I do love rain.

  4. That was a fantastic guest post you wrote. It was so interesting and I could definitely relate to the excitement/confusion of your 20s. Even though it was a different generation, the similarities are still so relevant.