Sunday, June 6, 2010

Struggling to be consistent ... and my inspiration

The past few weeks have been challenging.  Between getting the gardens ready and preparing for the wedding, everything else kinda went out the window.  I was getting to bed too late, not being able to get to sleep early enough, therefore not getting up early.  I worked out periodically for several weeks.

I have since regrouped, took new photos and tomorrow morning I'll take my measurements.  So today is Week 1, Day 1 of my 12 week goals, which will take me to shortly before S&B's wedding.  I've been doing this since March 09.  I think I got a little complacent.  I think it became a little too predictable...too  routine.   So I need to shake things up a bit.  Perhaps just my attitude.

Barry hasn't been weight training in the past month, but he has been fairly consistent with his cardio work.  He's been doing cardio while I've been doing gardening and wedding stuff.  Even when I didn't think he was going to, he got changed and hit the gazelle for at least 45 minutes.  He's been an inspiration to me when I was having a lot of trouble getting my ass out of bed in the mornings.

When I'm stressed or upset I tend to eat and I tend to blow off workouts.  One of the Body for Life Lessons talks about overcoming adversity.  Adversity can take so many different forms.  Whether it's health issues, finances, work, it's not what happens to us ... it's how we handle it.  Unfortunately I haven't been handling it very well.  Every time I read it that Lesson for Life, something seems to happen to test my resolve.  I haven't been passing the test, which I suppose is why I keep getting tested.  I've been so stressed the past couple of weeks; it seems to be subsiding, at least for now.

Perhaps I need to set new goals.  I've set the same ones for over a year.  Haven't attained any of them yet.  But I never stop trying.  Food seems to be my biggest issue.  Or maybe it's my head.  I'm not sure.  All I know, is that I've made some progress.  I've made a commitment to myself to get into great shape.  I can't fall down.  I have to make it.  I've failed far too many times.  I won't do it again.

I woke up this morning (Sunday) at 5 A.M. thank you very much.  Tossed and turned for 3 hours, then got up.  Normally I'd work out before breakfast but mentally I just couldn't.  I finally did my workout at 3:30 p.m.  Even tho' the conditions weren't just right, I took a page out of B's book and did it anyway.

And I"m back to blogging and visiting others and actually leaving comments, trying to encourage others.  Your support has meant so much to me. 

Today is Day #1.  I start to take back my life.


  1. Oh I hear you loud and clear, I have been working out for the last month, and I have my off days, but the key is to get back up and do it, just like you said. Dont give up just because you go through a period of stress, shake it off and begin again, its wonderful that Barry can inspire you as well. :) On the mean time I am here to inspire you a bit too hopefully :)! WE can do it!

  2. You will do it, you are doing it right now, and you will achieve your goal. Nothing that's happened before you've started this routine now matters anymore, just keep going forward and enjoy the results, they're coming.

  3. As long as you have the determination, strength, and willpower to get back up and try again, you will always succeed. I know you can do it, Sandy!! :)

  4. Inspiration comes from within...If I can find it so can you!

  5. You are fantastically honest with yourself! I think that is part of reaching your goals, to be honest about what isn't working for you and to regroup. That is very inspirational. I know I emotionally consume often. I always feel guilty about it later.

    Keep up the hard work!