Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm not sure what's happened to me recently. It's like someone flipped a switch and suddenly my inhibitions are gone and I've become very self aware.

I finally decided that at 45, it was time to stop trying to please everyone else and just be myself. And that's ok cauz I kinda like me. I'm still kind and caring and polite and everything you've gotten to know. But now there's this edge. There's a confidence that wasn't there before.

I keep saying that life is too short and we have to learn to enjoy it. So, among other things, I'm quite enjoying this new sexual confidence I'm feeling.

I think women need to tap into how they really feel and acknowledge the fact that they have needs and desires too. Some women can be just as sexually voracious as any man. And that's such a good thing.

Women have this power that men generally don't. Sometimes just the knowledge that a man wants you is a powerful emotion. Women need to tap into their sexuality and femininity more often. Its a power I can't begin to explain.

So here's to women power!


  1. I used to thrive on the knowledge that men wanted me even if I wasn't interested. Good for you!

  2. You are such a sweet, cool woman:)

  3. I agree that being comfortable in your own skin is really essential to happiness.

    Being sexually abused for years has really caused me a lot of issues in this area. Feeling comfortable with myself/sex is a struggle, and I really appreciate your willingness to talk about it. <3