Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 4 of 84 - Complacency

I had a conversation with someone which kept me awake a lot last night.
She said something's changed lately.

It hit me this morning that I've gotten complacent in numerous areas of my life

Including my workouts, blogging, gardening and even my job.

I guess that's why I "reset the button" on my workouts and started back at Day 1. I had already started to feel re-energized. I know, its all in my head but unfortunately its the biggest influence. So I upped the intensity of my cardio workout this morning and I feel great, despite the lack of sleep.

Gardening ... Hmm. This is not unusual for me in September. By March I'll be rarin' to go and out in my winter jacket cleaning up but by September I'm either tired or bored. I'm not sure which. But the plan for this weekend is to spend it out front, rearranging the plants.

Blogging ... It's pretty obvious that I haven't been too into it lately. Nothing to do with you, just my head. September tends to be a bad month for me. Too many deaths or major health issues occurred in September. But that's no excuse for ignoring you. You help me, encourage me, make me feel like a make a difference ...

As for work, I had really been enjoying myself, feeling like I've been making progress but I'm too easily affected by other people's attitudes that its dragged me down.

So, I've already kick started my workouts. I've joined facebook which oddly is keeping me blogging more. Gardening ... a plan is in place. Work ... I'm going to ignore the negative attitudes around me and just be myself ... Confident, capable, positive. Maybe I'll rub off on a few people.

I hope you have/had a great day.

Btw .. Despite the lack of sleep, I had a great workout,


  1. I'm still working on getting back on track.

  2. Sending you POSITIVE energy my friend... you motivate us readers too! I know I miss you when I don't see a post up.

    I can relate to the change of the weather September brings ... but if we keep pushing each other to stay up ... together we can beat the blahs ...

    As for bored with gardening .. don't forget there are just a few acres over here that you can exercise your green thumb on!!!!

    Hugs.. HHL