Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 18 of 84 - My Inspiration

(what can I tell you, he inspires me LOL)

I've had a number of you say that I inspire you. You have no idea how much that means to me.

But what, or rather who, inspires me?

Recently I started following, and am followed by, a number of people who truly inspire and amaze me.

My newfound blogging friends are working to remove 100, 200, sometimes more. And they're doing it naturally.

I figure about 40-50 pounds of fat removed from my body, I will be extatic. And its tough sometimes. I don't always eat properly or exercise enough but I'm in this for the long haul.

A lot of you know that my sister had weight loss surgery in June and is doing really well. 50 pounds and counting. I doubt I could go through with surgery, whether its slimband, bypass or the sleeve (her surgery). Although I suppose if my life depended on it, I would find the discipline.
Regardless of the method, I admire anyone who decides to completely change their patterns, their thought processes, their habits, their lifestyle in order to make a change for the better; to live a happier, healthier, longer life.

So thank you all. I've met some amazing people through our little community. For your encouragement, your support, your inspiration.

Every one of you have inspired me. To eat healthy, to stay active, to stay committed, to get my ass out of bed at 415 am even when "somebody" (who doesn't Actually read my blog) keeps me up until way past my bedtime.

I just watched this on hubby's site.  Please visit Life in Quotations.  The video will bring tears to your eyes and make you realize that our challenges, while important to us, are minor compared to what this man deals with.  He is unbelievable. 
I just hope that I help you just a fraction of how much you help me.

Thank you. Stay committed, stay strong, stay empowered. Together we can win this war.

Love you guys!


  1. I am one of those people who is constantly inspired by you. You are such a strong woman, filled with kindness and determination. I can't think of a better role model. :)

    This is such a sweet post and I'm happy that you have just as wonderful inspiration in your life. xoxo

  2. Love you honey! I'm sorry...WHO is keeping who up???


  3. To the celebration at the end of our long roads. my friend I have not been visiting as often as I would like... but you are always in my thoughts and prayers (things have just been a little hectic)... but I'm taking a few days off and hope to re: energize and be back stronger.

    Know that it has been you and your determination to reach your goals that boots me at times to Yoga class and the gym. I'll soon be starting meditation and a swim exercise program. I have also been getting Reiki done ~ and will share that with you on our next get together (Mr. G and I are so looking forward to having you over - we have not forgotten. the renos just have been overwhelming and consuming much time.)...

    Keep up the great work... I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. XO HHL