Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 20 of 84 - Learn to Fall in Love with the Process

I love this picture.  Originally all I saw was the stairs and to me it represented the long climb to fitness.  Then I noticed the escalators.  It seemed so appropriate since so people these days are trying to take the "express route".  This post is about falling in love with the process of truly getting fit.

I've lost count how many times I've tried to get back into shape over the past 20 years. I could never get enough momentum going. I couldn't find what worked for me.

I tried Atkins which actually worked really well but I'm not sure it:s healthy in the long run. I kept waiting to feel awful. I didn't. I felt fabulous. But its bloody hard to sustain, especially eating out.

About 12 years ago I stumbled across Bill Phillips, EAS and Body for Life. Finally, aqprogram that was a 3-pronged approach, it was simple, (not easy, just simple) easy to understand and follow and it was something that was adaptable and sustainable.

Its divided into 12 week "challenges" which is why I do an 84 day count. So I did the first challenge and got reasonbable results. But life happened and I lost focus, caring for sick parents. And then the weight really started to pile on. But I always believed in the program.

I've since learned to fall in love with the process of getting fit. I love my workouts, I feel so great when I eat healthy, and I love to help and nurture people. Mom always called me a frustrated mother. I chose not to have children but I guess that instinct of caring for people is still very strong. I just don't want it on a full time basis.
When you have to completely change your eating habits, your relationship with food; when you have to discipline yourself to get out and move every day; when you have to learn to plan ... your workouts, your meal plans, it takes discipline. And it can get laborious. It can become a drag. I've done this for so long (off and on ... more off than on though), it can become so monotonous.

I had a eureka! moment this week ... Actually more than one but this one in particular really hit home. You need to fall in love with the process; of journalling, of eating healthy meals, of working out. And it occurred to me that I finally had.

We went grocery shopping tonight, before dinner, and I was famished.  And tired and hot.  Not a good combination.  But I didn't even walk down the junk food aisle.  We did not pick up one bag of chips, cookies, any type of junk food.  It occurred to me for a moment because tomorrow is my free day ... the one day a week I'm allowed to eat whatever.  But I didn't feel like getting anything.  I'm not sure whether the power of junk food has finally released me from its grasp or not, but it's a lot easier than it was, even a couple of months ago.  And I am grateful.

So stay consistent, continue eating healthy food, get off your butt and move that body cause that's what we're meant to do.  TV's, computers, video games ... they're all fun and I spend too much time on my butt, but moderation.  We need to become more active. 

Body for Life teaches about the Universal Law of Reciprocation.  You know, do unto others .... it's about encouragement and support and helping each other.  And you guys do such an awesome job.  Keep up the great work!


  1. I adore you. You really know how to get me inspired and make me feel motivated.

    I think you've hit the big key note here when you say you need to fall in love with the process of eating healthy, in order for it to work. I think that is my main problem. I haven't allowed myself to do that yet. You can't be passionate or keep anything constant in your life if you're not fully committed, physically and mentally.

    I hope one day I can get to the point where you are and start ignoring the junk food at the grocery store...

    Also, side question: I have two close friends who have used Weight Watchers and swear by it. One lost 100 pounds and the other 20 so far. I'm thinking about joining, but mostly because I think it would be beneficial to attend meetings where I would be surrounded by other people with the same goal...have you tried Weight Watchers? I was curious to know what other people thought about it as well.

  2. I love it.....falling in love witht he process of being healthy (journalling, exercise...etc etc etc). I would like to add....we need to fall in love with ourselves also!

    Whew...lots of love going around here today!