Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 8 of 84 - Facebook

I had fought it and fought it for ages.  I refused to become part of the Facebook community.  Instead, we opted to blog.  Two completely different communities in my opinion.  But we finally caved and joined FB.  And I spent a good portion of yesterday just getting my profile set up, albums (OMG I didn't realize how many pics I had!), touching base with friends I haven't seen in years.

I debated, then finally looked up an old friend.  Who am I kidding, he was an on again off again boyfriend of about 13 years.  We met when I was 14 he was almost 21.  I know it sounds terrible by today's standards but remember ... I was 14 but looked about 20.  Until I opened my mouth of course but just to look at me, I was well blessed by that age, I'm 5'7" so I was tall for my age.  Anyway, we had a rather tumultuous relationship for many years.  He moved to California (he's still there) ... I went to visit him in 1990 ... haven't physically seen him since but he is a FB Friend.  Very early in my relationship with Barry, before it became officially "exclusive", I was going to go back to him.  See, whenever I got too close to someone, I ran back to him.  I'm not sure why.  I think it's because I always knew nothing permanent was going to happen ... we just really weren't good for each other in that capacity ... and he was "safe".  But I came to my senses and decided it would be a bad idea.  Barry and I wouldn't be together had I gone.  My gf at the time told me I was an idiot if I went ... apparently I agreed with her since I cancelled.  Last time we spoke was about 14 years ago.   So I sent him a message (he's been in my lately like he tends to do ... and then we're in contact ... we've been doing this for YEARS!), he didn't recognize the look (I'm naturally a brunette and he hasn't seen me in 20 years) but recognized the name and remembered me.  I mean, really, how could he forget??? LOL

So we've been emailing back and forth a few times.  It's been great to catch up with him.  There's something very comforting in it all.  Maybe because so much of my family is gone and I'm searching for a connection to my past.  I've lost touch with so many people, but have reconnected with a few through FB.  I'm now even able to keep in touch with my brother's wife who is in Brazil, my niece in Lindsay, family and friends who are scattered all over the place.  It's nice to keep in touch.  It's great to get a glimpse into people's lives when you can't actually be there.

As far as my fitness is concerned, I missed Thursday's upper body workout because I didn't sleep well Wednesday night but got up Friday for my cardio workout.    Thursday night we went out for dinner ... Friday night it was dinner at friends' place who just moved to our town a week ago, Saturday was dinner at other friends.  And OMG you talk about food!  And wine.  and laughter.  It was a blast!  But I was still full at 1:00 a.m.  So it was a late night but I got up this morning, did my lower body workout, had a fairly light breakfast ... going to eat light all day today ... and do some gardener and the organzing and laundry and ironing and all those mundane things that one has to do once in a while.

So have a great day ... and enjoy the upcoming week.  Until tomorrow.....


  1. I'm still stuffed from last night. What a fun time! Love you.


  2. I prefer blogs over FB as well, but you can't deny it is a good way to find and keep up with people from your past. I've found lots of people that I went to school, including a guy I went to grade school (from gr 1 to 6) with. I ran into him in downtown Toronto standing in a line with hundreds of people. Turns out he is on FB.

  3. This may sound selfish, but I'm really glad you're on Facebook. It's the only way I can communicate online with my phone (if they could make blogger more phone friendly, that would be awesome, lol). It's really refreshing to see you and talk to you more often online now!

    And yes, once you get started on facebook, it can kind of be addicting, simply because there is so much to do-add photos, make a cute profile, find people from your past, etc.

    I've been on facebook for 6 years now and I'm still finding people from my past. Some accept me, some don't. It's a little strange to see someone online every day that you only barely knew in middle school. Lol.

    Good luck reconnecting with other friends! :)