Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Health Expo at Work Today

The company I work for hosted a "health expo" for the staff.  One of the local health clubs brought staff and equipment and set up "stations" for different areas.

I started off by finding out that my blood type is A negative.  Only 6% of the Canadian population is A neg. and only 15% of the population has a negative blood type at all.  Which is not great.  Positive blood types can accept blood from positives or negatives but negatives must receive blood from other negatives.  So ... I think I'm going to start donating blood.  Most phlebotomists (blood takers :) ) have a really tough time finding my veins but apparently you're supposed to eat and drink plenty of fluids.  This is on my list of things to do and one small way that I can give back.

Then I went to find my body composition.  Based on 214 lbs. at 5'7", my BMI is 33.5 and apparently I have 40% bodyfat according to a do-dad that I held that's supposed to run electrical current through the body to differentiate between fat and muscle.  I've had a bioimpedence analysis done with electrodes which I would tend to trust more.

Then my blood pressure was 152/90.  Rather high.  But this was after working out, espresso, coffee, food, and a rather stressful commute.  I am not worried.

The next station was great ... found out my blood sugar was 5.  "Normal" is 4-7 (my American friends ... I understand that blood sugar is measured very differently there but the point is I was within the "normal" range) ... fasting blood sugar had been 6.3 for years .... YAY

Then on to flexibility ... I was 14.5 which is quite good ... I stretch my hamstrings every day ... but my belly got in the way ...

My grip strength needs work ... a fair bit of it ... not unusual for someone who sits at a desk all day.

Postural analysis ... nothing new there ... just reminders about being more careful to turn my body instead of just my neck

While I was waiting for my next station, I somehow got roped into a Zumba lesson.  In 3" heels ... on carpet ... wearing too many clothes, no water.  Not a good combination for me.  But I think I could get into it. 

I saw the naturopath who did a tongue analysis ... she said mine was purple with a white coating and a spot in the middle ... all indicators of the presence of toxins.  When I showed her my tongue she said "interesting".  Always makes me nervous when people do that.  Then I told her I was doing a detox and which one and she said that it's obviously working because of the "spot" (kindly looks clear instead of white) but she couldn't tell me anything else.  I'll be going to see my regular naturopath when the detox is finished.

My last stop was the nutritionist.  She gave me so much great info, referred to me to and we talked briefly about a condition where you might present symptoms of thyroid issues but blood tests come back normal.  Or it could be horomonal changes that are causing me to be cold when I'm hungry and then get warm after I eat ...   She also told me to take the coffee withdrawal slowly.  Since I was up to 3 small coffee a day, this week ... 2.  Next week ... 1 a day.  I REALLY want to get off it.  Except for my espresso of course.

It was 90 minutes out of my workday that opened my eyes to a few things, confirmed a few things and provided me with new information.  2 or 3 of the staff was shocked when I said I work out at 4:30 A.M.  Dedicated they said.  I still think it's crazy but it's so much a part of my day I don't even think about it any more.  THAT is when you know that what you're doing has become a habit.

That was my day.  How was yours?



  1. Did no one ever mention eating and drinking lots of water before getting your blood taken? Hmm.

    I wonder...exactly how much clothing is too much for a Zumba lesson at work? What kind of people do you work with anyway??


  2. You and I have the same blood type!

  3. I think it is SO COOL that your company had this health expo! The last company I worked for would never dream of doing this. Wow.

    It seems you are in good health, which is a relief. I'm glad it opened your eyes to a few things a well.

    I wish I had a health expo to go to...

    PS. Was Zumba fun? (Well, minus the heels?). I keep hearing about it and it makes me wanna try it.