Tuesday, September 13, 2011

400th Post

Wow.  I didn't realize until just now when I was about to create a post that this was my 400th.   Not that I've been doing a lot of posting this summer ... I haven't been on the computer too much.  That would entail being INSIDE the house....lol

Anyway, just to touch base and update you ... I've been doing OK with my workouts and my nutrition.  Not quite as strict as I need to be, but this is only week 2 and it's kinda tough when travelling, long weekends ... I know, excuses, excuses .... but ... I woke up a bit late this morning ... thought about doing a lower body workout but since it was upper body day ... I did it anyway.  Lunch was basically ready to go so there was no prep time needed and I didn't have to blow my hair out so it was ok.  It was a good workout.  I always feel so strong, so empowered after an upper body workout.

My strength is coming back ... my endurance is getting better ... I'm walking faster again (new New Balance walking shoes help), stairs are getting easier....  all this after only 9 days.  Imagine my life in 10 more weeks ... which ... can you believe ... will be the O'Shea Christmas Party.  YIKES!  So I definitely have to keep my butt in gear ... and very important ... watch my nutrition.  My caffeine intake was bad today ... so was my eyesight for some reason.

Anyway ... I spent yesterday in the gardens and this weekend should hopefully be spent there too ... only at a cooler temp (which, at this time of year is a welcome change for me).  I had a 90 minute massage booked for tonight ... she had to cancel :(  But it gave me time to write instead.

I used to hate September and October ... the vast majority of my family died in those months ... but my parents messed that up so ... I can either be bummed from August to November ... or I can just say "that's life" ... and continue to live mine.  I am in no way belittling the death of family or friends, regardless of age or circumstance.  This is just my life ... my way of coping ... besides ... not one of us is going to get out of this alive .... ;)

My attitude is getting better ... I'm not so tired (except of course for today ... I chalk it up to weather), I'm happier, possess a more positive attitude ... all in all ... things are good.

We had a great weekend in Ottawa ... visiting family ... lots of laughs ...  totally adore Tammy and Simon.  The weather was awesome, the traffic amazing until we hit Oshawa coming home ... so we ducked off the highway and made it home in one piece.  Monday was an awesome day off.  All in all ... life is great!

And, just to keep life a little on the lighter side ... for your entertainment ....

Introducing ... Gerty Goose ....

I think she's staying in the house until next Spring ... then she can join the others ... 

Hug from mommy at the end of the day ....

I just LOVE this guy ....

This is the end of the day ... I'm tired ... but no, I'm not strangling my cat.

I think we were both tired at this point ... daddy LOVES to take tons of pics.

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  1. Great post honey, so hopeful and uplifting. We can never have too much of that! I'm proud of you for never giving up even despite the occasional setback.

    Love you to infinity!