Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finally ... a breakthrough!

As many of you know, I've been struggling for so long to get my weight down sufficiently.  I work out ... eat reasonable portions ... drink plenty of fluids ...and I've made some progress.  Quite a bit since late 2008 but I've been stuck, more or less, for way too long.

Then last week my body seized up on me ... I called the health clinic I go to and asked to see a massage therapist.  I didn't care who ... I just needed to be able to move again.  The newest therapist had 90 min free so off I went.

Little did I know that I would meet the man who would change my life.  See, I had made a decision about a month ago to shake up my life.  It started with a new look (shorter, darker hair), continued with a new attitude, and now my nutrition has changed tremendously, and I have switched back from strength training to circuit training.  It's important to keep your body off balance with exercise.  So ... as of today .. I do 3 days of circuit training ... 3 days of cardio and yoga ... and still take make 1 day off to rest.

Nutrition ... this is fun.  First he (Andrew) took me off wheat, flour and gluten (first week).  Then he took me off dairy (except for a little yogurt) and reduced my sugar and salt intake as well.  Sounds like fun, huh?  It's actually not that difficult.  It requires some thought and some planning but I'm actually making better meals now.  And I'm enjoying them.  I don't think about what I'm missing ... I only think about the progress I'm making.  I've lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks and lost an inch off my waist.  I can't find my last measurements so I'm starting again from day 1 today.  I'm FINALLY under 210.  I don't remember the last time I was under that number....  I feel great ... have tons of energy (did I mention I'm off my 3 small double double coffees during the day ... green tea with a little honey instead ... and my espresso first thing in the morning but that's OK).

I said I was going to shake up my life.  And I have.  It's only been about 10 days or so ... it hasn't been difficult ... weird ... I don't crave foods ... I enjoy what I'm eating.  All in all ... I'm loving this ... but the secret is to make a decision to change.  If you truly haven't decided to do what it takes to make those changes ... they won't happen.  Plain and simple.

Andrew's also got me going for about a 30 (give or take) minute walk after dinner for my digestion, then a 20 minute epsom salt bath 3 times a week.  I make it a point to walk for 20-30 minutes after lunch as well. 

He's really happy (maybe a little surprised) that I dived right in (typical me) and am doing this whole heartedly.  Even sent him an email thanking him ... I really believe that people need to know that they are appreciated ... I don't think "we" take the time to say "thank you" enough.

I would encourage you to find a health care professional who cares enough to help you through changes.  I wouldn't recommend doing anything this extreme unless under their care.  But I do hope you find someone .... it truly is a blessing.

Wishing you good health and much happiness.



  1. So happy for you. That is just wonderful! I need to make some changes (less sugar) for sure! Keep going lady. your inspiring!

  2. It's been amazing to see such a change in so short a time. Imagine the possibilities over the coming months. :)


  3. I'm so happy to hear such great news!! Keep up the amazing work. I'm going to use you as my motivation.

  4. SO proud of you , it's a very difficult task to achieve indeed :)...

  5. you go girl! Shake it like a salt shakah! lol i'm so glad you're loving what you're doing. I thought you looked great before i cant wait for next time i visit and take a good look at you! You're stunning, and gorgeous and have a smile that lights up the whole room! You rock :o) Keep at it!!! Sending you lots and lots and LOTS of love!