Friday, April 17, 2009

I made it!

End of week 4. I'm looking forward to a day off of journal entries, clean eating, formal workouts. I try to keep my Free Days from being free-for-all-days. That just ruins everything. But I'll likely have a beer (or at least split with with hubby) at the end of our workday, head out to Dairy Queen for a small chocolate-dipped cone (that's all I can handle any more) or maybe split a small Blizzard with Barry. And maybe a coke during the day. I figure the day spent digging and lifting and heavier gardening work might make up for a bit of extra food. It's interesting, I was thinking this morning that I might not be eating enough of the healthy stuff I need to. Not to say I'm not eating healthy food, just not enough given my workouts and all. And sure enough, in Bill Phillip's "Lesson-for-LIFE" (part of the BFL journal), he talked about nourishing your body each and every day and how important it is to eat enough, get enough vitamins and minerals, drink enough water... So I'll examine what I'm eating compared to what I should be eating and we'll go from there. So. Get outside tomorrow ... it's gonna be a gorgeous one! At least here in southern Ontario. Until tomorrow....

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