Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You've gotta have a reason

About a month ago, I had a bit of a scare. I was sitting at home, watching TV (bad habit, I know), minding my own business, when my heart started racing like crazy and I had trouble catching my breath. Of course Barry would probably say it's because he was sitting next to me LOL. My family has a horrible history of heart disease so I figured it was time to get this checked out. And something didn't feel quite right on my right breast. So off I went for an echocardiogram, a holter monitor and a mammogram. Those things are lovely. There should be one for men too. Except after a certain size, they really don't hurt. Women that is... but I digress. So the echo came back clear YAY and I'm still waiting for the monitor results. But I got a call 2 days after my test that they wanted me to go for a second mammogram and ultrasound because they found a nodule in my left breast (go figure) that wasn't there 5 years ago when I last had a mammogram. Ladies, if you're over 40, make sure you go every year or 2. It's not something to mess with. Of course I freaked out a little but I'm told this is pretty much standard and nodules come and go. So my appointment is this Thursday. And then we can move on. Did I mention I'm asthmatic? But my point is ... take care of your health. Yeah, being able to get into "normal" sized (non-plus size) clothes is great, but ultimately, we get one body and we all (yes, men, that includes you) have to take care of ourselves. So whether you're a seasoned veteran of the workout world or someone who has never formally exercised, please take care of your health. Until tomorrow....


  1. I hope all the results come up fine for you.

    I haven't had a mammogram yet (though I want one but my DR is not being helpful re: that).

    Does it really hurt a lot?

  2. Depends on how big you are. The bigger you are, the less it seems to hurt. I've talked to small busted women and they all say it hurts. The newer machines are easier on the body than the old ones (I seem to remember my first one being rather painful) but the most recent one was a walk in the park. Unfortunately they couldn't see everything so they needed to take more angles as well as an ultrasound so, I dunna, maybe improvements could be made still. Aint it grand bein a chick? Good news though ... monitor came back ... my heart's fine. YAY. Everything will be fine. It has to be. There's still too much I want to do. Have a great night!