Monday, June 8, 2009

almost there .... 4 to go!

So I'm really anxious to get this finished. I was so tempted to start circuit training this week, but I made a promise to myself that I would finish the 12 weeks. And I will.

Even though I haven't made the progress I had hoped to make (it was the nutrition, not the program), I'm still proud of myself. I made a commitment, and I stuck with it. I only missed 2 workouts altogether over 12 weeks, and that was because I was sick. I think I had 2 other workouts that got changed a little because I was injured. But I kept working through it. Perseverence has helped at work too. It really does change your life. Making a commitment.

One of my favourite quotations is "To change your life: 1. start immediate. 2. do it flamboyantly. 3. no exceptions." I keep this quote pinned up at work as a reminder. I shared this with a good friend today and he wrote back "TNT ... Today, not Tomorrow". I LOVE IT! One of my biggest challenges is procrastination. So ... Carpe Diem! Sieze the Day! 'cause you never know when your last one will be. Life is far too short and far too precious to waste. And we do tend to waste too much of it. We abuse our bodies, neglect our physical health and completely screw up our mental health by not taking the time to take care of the body, which in turn helps the mind.

Remember to tell those you love that you love them. Don't wait until tomorrow. Maybe somebody needs to hear it today. You never know what kind of impact you have on someone else's life.

BTW - changed my mind ... circuit training starts next Monday ... I was going to take an active week off ... can't wait that long. I'm back in the mindset of getting and staying fit, of making smart choices with nutrition, sleep, relaxation, fitness....

To all my friends of family ... I love you all very much. Each one of you has contributed so much to my life. Thank you.

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