Monday, June 22, 2009

refocussed effort

So I got over myself and my pity party. I got the OK from Karam to add regular walking to my schedule. So I went for a 30 minute walk at lunch (it was after eating lunch ... big mistake) and then another 30-45 minute (I didn't keep track) walk with hubby after work. Not as intense but we still went for a walk.

We had a great evening last night with B's father, his wife, brother and his girl (who's awesome btw). But it was late, I was hot and I ended up waking up every hour. So on about 5 hours broken sleep, I still got up and did my circuit training. It wasn't my finest hour, but it was good. And I kept a promise to myself. Which is the most important aspect of this whole process.

So tomorrow's yoga day. YAY!

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