Thursday, July 23, 2009

almost Friday!

It's almost here! Just one more sleep, one more get up and one more workout! You know, I love the routine of getting up, working out, I especially love the results I'm getting ... but by Friday, my body is tired and I just want to take a day off. Of course my day off this weekend is going to be rather busy in the garden ... more in my "other" blog. This rain is taking a toll on my garden.

I finally went to lunch with a woman (L) was was my trainer when I started at the law firm 5 years ago. We hit it off, hung out for a while, had a very drunken night with a LOT of chocolate martinis with Hershey's kisses in them. Talk about sugar overload! So the first thing out of her mouth was "Wow, you look fabulous ... you've lost so much weight!" She probably told me I looked great about a half dozen times. She even called me a "blonde bombshell". Which I SO appreciated. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. Especially since she was always so fit and I always felt very big compared to her. She's also rather short. She says she's gained a lot of weight, but I think she looks great. Part of it is attitude 'cause I'm a lot more positive and you can tell I feel good about myself. Even though I've still got a VERY long way to go, I'm making progress and that's so important. Chances are, it didn't go on overnight ... it certainly ain't coming off overnight. So you keep doing what it takes ... and if you're not getting the results you want ... try something different. I've had to learn by trial and error what works and what doesn't. And everyone's different. You just gotta find your right mix. I highly recommend a Naturopath or trainer ... I'm really lucky, K is both.

So a little off-topic ... SC - I tended to agree with Nigel to a certain extent. It was really flat and I hold the chorographers somewhat responsible for that. The music selected was a yawn. The second half got much better. I do tend to agree with you about the bottom guys and girls. I LOVE Melissa .... I think she's amazing and the contemporary routine we both thought was stunning. I'm not sure any more who I want to win. Jeanine is fabulous. She's just got such a great attitude and attacks everything that comes her way. That contemporary routine she did with Jason last week was amazing! I love Evan but I think he's gone as far as he'll go. And I'd rather see Kayla go than Melissa this week. Give her another week. I think it'll end up being Jeanine, Jeanette, Brandon and Jason in the top four. Our satelitte's been out today ... only 25 minutes to air time ... I really hope it comes back up again. If not, c'est la vie!

I don't think (and I certainly hope) that they were trying to get a message out ... not malipulate. I'm so sorry about both your Mom and your birth mom ... I trust you get checked on a regular basis. If not ... get your fanny to the doc and have them do a mammogram. I've had them ... they aren't particularly fun ... and don't be surprised if they send you for an ultrasound and even for a biopsy. The technology has advanced so much they can see so much more ... most of which end up being cysts. But I've been there, done that. It's a little unnerving but I'd rather be put through a bit of stress and it turn out to be nothing than not investigate until it's too late. We gotta take care of the girls you know! And that goes for all the ladies ... make sure you're checking ... and if you're over 40 (even with no history), go for the mammograms. If there's history, make sure you talk to your doctor. Early detection seems to be the biggest thing. One of my favourite people has recently had a brush with this disease. He had just started dating a woman, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she kept a positive attitude, got on things right away, refused to let this thing beat her and last I heard she's finished chemo, etc. and she's doing great. But she caught it really early. And he was amazing ... just told her that he was there if she wanted/needed him but would give her the space she needed.

I really do have some amazing friends. We tend to collect people along the way. From work, neighbours, renovation suppliers, people we just get talking to. Barry and I love to meet people, enjoy good conversation over a good meal and fabulous music. But I seem to have digressed. And gotten a little verbose. So I will bid you all adieu for tonight.

Have a great Friday!

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