Friday, July 24, 2009

YAY! It's Friday!

It really hasn't been the great day. I cut my workout short because I wasn't feeling well. I only missed one circuit. My lunch date got cancelled ... so I did some shopping which was actually a positive because I bought a pair of pants that did not contain lycra (haven't done THAT in a while). I can get them done up but barely. They're my $20 inspiration. LOL

Lunch was a Korean beef stir fry which is very tasty but made me feel like crap. And eating went downhill from there. I kinda started my free day (Saturday) a little early. So I'll keep my eating on the healthier side tomorrow and get back under control on Sunday.

Follow up to last night's SYTYCD - I couldn't believe Brandon was in the bottom 2. I thought for sure it would be Evan and Ade or Jason. I was floored when Janette was voted of. It just goes to show that "great dancer" isn't always the popular ones.

I guess I'm not feeling too chatty for a change. Lucky you guys!

Until tomorrow.....


  1. I cursed up a storm last night. Stupid American SYTYCD voters!

  2. So how do you really feel C?
    Who do you think should win?
    I still think it should be Brandon. I'll be completely floored if it's Evan. And totally lose my faith in the voters.... not that I had a lot to begin with .... but alas, it's popularity, not talent.