Thursday, July 30, 2009

one more day ...

Today was a pretty good day ... for the most part.
Had a great workout ... nutrition was good for the most part. Went to lunch with my department to a Thai buffet but since I can't eat a lot at one time, I just had a tablespoon of numerous items. Of course I blew it at dinner.

I witnessed a car accident just outside the Ajax GO station tonight. A motorcycle got cut off by a car, tried to swerve to avoid the car and ended up hitting the pavement. As usual, I'm fine in an emergency but then react when it's over. I had been waiting for Barry to pick me up but he couldn't get to me so I ended up giving my statement to the police. That's when the tremors started. Haven't felt quite right all evening. Which is why we ended up at Quiznos.

BTW - SYTYCD - WTF????? I mean really .... EVAN??? KAYLA???? there is no justice in this competition ..... But that doesn't matter 'cause either Brandon or Jeannine has to win. Yeesh!

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