Sunday, July 26, 2009

start to another "workout" week

Since my workouts run Sunday to Friday, today's kinda my workout "monday". Woke up feeling pretty crappy today. But I did my cardio and yoga workout then had a reasonably good brekkie and latte. Just kickin' back chillin', reading and checking stuff on the laptop.

Gotta get my plan for today done. Yes, I'm slacking. You know, I try to keep a positive attitude and tell people the weather hasn't been that bad and for the most part it hasn't, but yesterday, we had SO much rain ... even I got down about the whole thing. Apparently it has something to do with an oscillation of some sort. It's supposed to be easing off so we're supposed to be getting more summer-like weather soon. They're calling for possible thunderstorms this afternoon here ... AGAIN. I'm grateful that Barry and I were able to get the stuff done earlier in the summer but now we'd really like to have time to lay out on the deck and work on our now-fading tans.

So I'm off to update my journal, cut up vegetables, cook some hard boiled eggs and run some errands. So have a great day and enjoy whatever sun is around ....

Until tomorrow!

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