Monday, August 24, 2009

time to get serious.

So Friday was a write off.
Saturday ... OMG ... alcohol was more of an issue with food. I was actually ok with the food part mostly but 3 martinis and a couple of large glasses of Baileys and yeah, it was a write off.
Then came Sunday ... missed my regular workout. Did a brisk 45 minute walk then was couch potato for the afternoon and evening. Eating was off.
Monday morning ... alarm didn't go off. Yeesh! Didn't have the right foods. Ate out for dinner.
I realized that I really don't like such a disorganized, unhealthy lifestyle.
So tomorrow I get back on track. Healthy diet. Intense workout. Enter in my journal.

It just hit me. It was a year ago today that my Mom died. Perhaps that's why the destructive behaviour the last few days. She'd be proud of what I've accomplished so far. But I've got such a long way to go. So I'll get back at it and get it done.

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