Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yes, you're allowed a crappy day ...

so it started out pretty good but went downhill ... I was so stupidly tired today ... too many teas, lunch was too heavy...just a chicken sandwich but the bread was very heavy...came home and had a chocolate squirrel (inside joke with B). Probably didn't drink quite enough water. Had some crappy news at work which didn't help with the squirrel (not a real squirrel just so you know) and the humidity was awful. But it seems a little better tonight. Oh yeah, did I mention the woman in her 50's who was wearing a rather offensive perfume and stood right beside me on the GO train? So yeah, my day was kinda crappy.

But at least I got to come home to my hunny, had a pretty chilled night tonight, watching SYTYCDC, got some new jewellery from my sis which is gorgeous.

So even if you have a crappy day and maybe don't stick with the program 100%, do your best and tomorrow is another day ... we'll just do better tomorrow.

until then ...

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