Sunday, September 13, 2009

another week starts ....

Today was cardio and yoga day. Not the best workout I've ever had. I was so still and sore from sitting on my rear most of yesterday, I had a really tough time getting it together. But at least I got up and did it. And I've eaten quite well today. Which is good 'cause yesterday was horrendous! but it was my free day so it was allowed. I just couldn't seem to stop eating. Yeesh!

Anyway, today's a much better day. Got some more veggies and fruit, had a quiet day but Barry and I went out and picked up a cork board and a dry erase board for my office and he installed them (of course you KNOW they're lined up withing a millimetre of each other) and then got 1 handle on my upper cabinets installed and it fought him all the way, including breaking off his drill bit so he finished the handle, installed the door, cleaned up and called it a day. Maybe if he does one a night we'll have them finished by next weekend (since he's out for 2 evenings this week) and there's only 3 doors left. My hero!

This is all in an effort to get and keep myself better organized and develop better habits. I've been very bad about actually using my office. It keeps getting better but I keep being sloppy. Things just accumulate on my desk of their own will it seems. But now I have a place to put reminders and pin up things I have to deal with.

Right now the cork board is pretty empty. My 12 week goals are posted on the cork board and my goal date of November 7/09 is written on the whiteboard. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll actually continue to utilize these tools. The cabinets that Barry was wonderful enough to install for me months ago sit mostly idle. I really gotta get my act together. But gardening weather hit and i'm kinda useless inside when it's nice out. Of course this weekend I've been rather useless outside too. But that's ok. After last weekend, I needed a break.

We all need to give ourselves a break once in while. It's good for our souls.....

So tomorrow is the first day of a new routine. Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks C. You and T. are always so encouraging. All my friends are though. I'm very blessed not to have to fight friends and family to achieve my goals. Fighting myself is hard enough. LOL