Tuesday, September 15, 2009

on a serious note

ok ... so I usually blather on about what I've been up to lately, my struggles, triumphs, etc. I so appreciate the encouragement ... you have no idea. And while yes, I had a great day, today's not about me. It's about something a whole lot more important ... and I think it's a really good thing this isn't a video blog....

I'm sure most if not all of you have heard that Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer the other day. From what I've read of him, he was an amazing human being. Apparently he was diagnosed just about the same time he started shooting A&E's "The Beast". And despite brutal days among chemotherapy, he opted not to use drugs. He wanted to be sharp and on top of his game. I cannot fathom the grit that took. And for someone is "Hollywood" to remain married to the same person for 34 years ... and they were only 23 when they got married ... is almost beyond comprehension.

Pancreatic cancer is one brutal illness. My dad was diagnosed with a carcinoid (cancer-like) tumour not too long before I got married. Of course my brother sat me down and we had "the talk" that Dad probably wouldn't be around to walk me down the aisle, or at least wouldn't be able to. Well, my Dad was a tough old army guy during the Second World War (drill sargeant to boot) and he never went to radiation or chemotherapy. But 10 years later, after 1, 2 then 3 stents in his pancreas to keep things moving around the tumor, he finally passed. It's hard to believe that will be 8 years ago in November. It was a long, painful, difficult disease and one which I wish no one else else would have to go through. We almost lost him a few times, but he kept bouncing back. Until Friday, September 14, 2001 (THAT was the week from hell given that I also worked in commercial real estate and property management). That was the beginning of the end. We didn't lose him then but he didn't bounce back this time. He got progressively weaker, we had to get a hospital bed for him, personal support worker daily, a nurse and doctor once a week. When they weren't around, guess who got to change his diaper??? Yes, I was the lucky one. Of course I tried to leave him with some dignity but that wasn't going to work so the silly bugger's response was "don't laugh ...." THAT was my Dad. I miss him very much but I was so lucky to have him as long as I did. He almost made it to 80. But he couldn't do it. And he was one of the youngest in his family to die so I'm hoping I've got the Price longevity....

So I guess the moral of this story is to take care of yourself. Appreciate life. Don't take others for granted. And if you don't like something in your life ... change it. The change may not be able to happen overnight, but don't settle for drudgery and misery. Whether it's a job or a bad marriage or being overweight and feeling really down on yourself, pick yourself up, get as much support as you need, 'cause there's always support if you look for it, and make your life as great as it's supposed to be. We haven't been put on this earth to just coast or exist. We need to make a mark on life. In whatever way that may be for each of us.

I think that's it for now ... don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies ... very important.....LOL

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