Thursday, September 24, 2009

what a relief!

I'm very happy to report that the cause of my extreme stress (which has stirred up my ulcer again ... although all the coffee lately has probably contributed to the ulcer as well) is now dealt with. YAY!

I cannot begin to stress ladies, and yes, you men too, how important it is to deal with stress in a healthy way and not let it get the better of you. OMG, I have been going out of my mind the past week worrying about something but I found out this morning everything is going to be fine. Unless people are lying. But I don't think so. I can't say what the issue was ... just that it's all good. I feel like I can get on with things.

Stress really is a killer you know. It does such bad things to our body. From ulcers and skim breakouts to heart trouble and long-term elevated cortisol levels which can lead to anything from abdominal weight gain to heart trouble. I seem to be a little focussed. With my family history, no wonder.

The stress was getting to me and I work out 6 days a week. Of course I've been getting sloppy with my nutrition again so I've gotta reign things back in or I'll never hit anywhere close to my goals for Nov 7/09.

Sorry guys and gals ... but I am so freeking tired I'm starting to see double and I don't want to ramble too much at you. So take care of yourselves, try to manage your stress and enjoy life!

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