Thursday, October 1, 2009

Major Life Events

So my hubby and a few friends have listed their major events in their lives, whether they're interesting, life changing, whatever. So I thought I'd do something shocking and follow suit.

  • Met the love of my life and actually married him.
  • Nursed my Dad through his final couple of months.
  • Reconnected with my sister after way too many years ... to bad she had to get sick to bring us back together ... over something that was said but not meant. I didn't even remember saying it.
  • Flew in the cockpit of a Dash 8 airplane during landing in Atlantic City (obviously this one happened a LONG time ago)
  • Drove a Via Train (again ... a LONG time ago) ... I had met a guy, who turned out to be a baggage handler and he took me up to the engine. This was out in the middle of freeking nowhere and I got off the train with a complete stranger. Yes, I was a young and stupid. And trusting. And the world was a different place 20 years ago.
  • Had breakfast with the White Lions at the Metro Zoo early in the morning before the zoo opened. Barry and our friends D&H were with us. Before kids. THAT was a long time ago. (see a trend here ... my life got a little stable after I got married)
  • Got followed by a guy along Spadina and Dundas when I was 22 and had JUST moved downtown T.O. ... walked into the Police Station, told the cop I was being followed, to which he said "I don't blame him, I'd follow you myself". Great cop...
  • Volunteered as a Big Sister.
  • Went to Vegas when I was 19 ... say Bolder City and Hoover Dam.
  • Helped hubby renovate the main floor of our house (bungalow) with little help from contractors. Everything from planning to demo to drywalling.
  • Dug up about 3,000 s.f. of sod over a 12-18 month period ... got bit by the gardening bug and kept expanding.
  • Helped hubby build a deck and pergola.
  • Met some crazy neighbours who I absolutely adore. And their friends ... some of whom (K) are some of my favourite people.

You know, I just realized that my life has really been fairly uneventful. Time to change that. We're going to a DJ Tiesto concert (trance/dance music) with about 8,000 other people. All ages. THAT will be interesting.

So what about you? What interesting/exciting/major things have happened in your life?
Lemme know. Love to hear from you.

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