Thursday, November 5, 2009

Body Image

This is an important picture. About a very important topic. Ladies. We really and truly are our own worst enemies. And critics. Notice this woman is smiling? My wish is to see each and every one of you do the same. In fact, you can send me a picture of yourself smiling. I need evidence that woman are not too hard on themselves and they love themselves just the way they are.

There's a British tv show called "How to Look Good Naked". I can't remember the guy's name ... but I totally love what he does for the woman. Regardless of what you look like, how over or under weight you are, how young or old, please, please, please remember that you are special. And important. And powerful. And fierce. And able to do any damned thing you want to do.

Society or the media or the fashion industry or all of the above (and yes, our mothers ... much as we love them to pieces ... they are the ones who start this whole thing for the most part) has decided that woman are supposed to be "a size" (BTW ... how can zero be a size?????), a look, whatever.

So woman already have body image issues ... I just bought a pair of size 14 pants (Lou Lou ... for Addition-Elle) ... yeah, right. If I can fit into a 16 at Reitman's I'm doing well. Hell, you take 2 pairs of the exact pair of pants by the same designer, make it a different colour and if the fabrics are different you can be a different size. My manager has 3 sizes in her wardrobe. They all fit ... it's just the fit, style, designer, whatever.

So please ladies ... it's ok to want to get fitter and firmer and stronger (I'm a HUGE advocate of women being strong physically ... we're already strong mentally and emotionally) ... but accept yourself for where you are at each stage of your journal.

Learn to love and accept yourself as you are ... and I promise I will do the same.


  1. Amen. I couldn't add anything more to this except to say that regardless of looks, age etc. there's nothing more attractive than a women who feels beautiful and exudes it.

  2. I have to say that I *love* that "How to look Good Naked" show...