Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't ever settle for less than the best

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.  Well, I kissed a lot of frogs ... but I definitely found my prince.

Ladies ... and I'm talking to the younger ones mostly.  Please do NOT settle.  If he doesn't treat you right, and I mean pretty much all the time ... kick him to the curb!  If he's a lazy sod who doesn't lift a finger to help, isn't emotionally supportive and selfish ... kick him to the curb.  Sooner than later.  You deserve better than that.

I have spoken to so many women lately whose "other halves" are lazy, useless, unsupportive and downright abusive.  And you don't need that.  My mother's generation and before her put up with abuse, neglect, etc. because they didn't have much option.  They grew up, got married, had kids, had grandkids and died.  They didn't work outside the house.  They didn't make their own money.  They didn't have much  say in matters.

Today's women, however, are different.  We're strong, independant, capable.  We don't need a man.  We can have several.  Maybe not at one time ....

Gentlemen ... please, please, please ... don't take your ladies for granted.  Appreciate them, respect them, don't let them down.


  1. "We don't need a man. We can have several. Maybe not at one time ...."
    That's my girl! :)

    Love you honey.


  2. Absolutely!!! I've realized I've been in a bit of mentally abusing relationship with a guy but no more. I don't deserve it. I've kissed a lot of frogs & still more to come. Aww from reading Barry's blog he seems like he is all heart & soul. You guys are just adorable. It makes me happy to know a great couple & to see yes there is happiness out there. *Hugs*

  3. You'll find it Melanie. Just hold out for someone who'll treat you as well as you treat others and don't put up with anything less. You deserve it!

  4. Awesome post. It's so true! Women today need to know that they should NOT put up with any form of abuse or settle for less than their worth. :)