Saturday, December 26, 2009


I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have an awesome 2010.

I was really looking forward to going north to my sister's place; celebrate Christmas with her, her daughter and twin grandsons (they're almost 4), her son and his wife.  Instead, I got sick so we stayed home.  Again. 

My Mom died August 2008 so last Christmas I basically ignored it.  I found it horribly upsetting to look out my window and see houses with lots of cars around them, families who were together and enjoying the day.  My brother was in Brazil, my sister at her home up north, Barry's family all over the place.  We were invited to by my mother-in-law's and my sister's places for Christmas but I just couldn't deal with it.    Christmas was Mom's favourite time of the year ... her birthday was on the 30th.

At least this year when I looked out and saw similar scenario, I had happy thoughts.  I was disappointed, but as long as I'm with Barry, I'm ok.  Next Christmas it's Barry's family at our place.  My brother is always in Brazil for Christmas and going up north is unpredictable.  At least I do get to see my brother mid-Feb with his daughter and her family.  So my sis and I are going to make Thanksgiving our Christmas in future years.  Woo hoo!

Anyway, Barry got me InStyle's "Secrets of Style" book and I read it all yesterday.  It is a fabulous book, easy to follow, a great reference book.  We're off to Chapters to get another fashion  book; this one by Clinton of What Not to Wear.  It looks really interesting.  And I've GOT to order Tim Gunn's style book.  Can't find a hard copy anywhere so I gotta order it.  And he got me a foot warmer.  Well, actually it cnn be used anywhere but you heat it up in the microwave, stick it in its sleeve and it's even got it

Now all I have to do is get back to working out.  My last workout was Monday morning.  I actually got a good night sleep last night so hopefully I'll get another and be able to get back to my workouts tomorrow.

Needless to say my fashion sense has consisted of t-shirts and yoga pants the past several days.  Although the couple of times I have left the house, I made sure I was wearing jeans, top lipstick and kept my hat and coat on.  I just can't seem to leave the house looking schleppy.  Which I'm very happy about.

So how was your Christmas?  I hope it was wonderful.


  1. Ours turned out to be be ok. Although the lead-up to it, was very stessful. The Lovely C and I argued a few times, and a couple of days later my sister and I had a screaming contest on the phone. Plus my Mom in the the hospital for the second year in a row at Christmas. Got a Chapters gift card and some Zehr's gift cards, so it's all good.

  2. Sandy I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's passing last year - that can definitely ruin anyone's holiday. But I'm glad that you and Barry had a wonderful holiday in spite of it all. I hope that you're feeling better now!! :)

  3. My holidays are always alright... nothing too exciting and nothing too terrible. I guess I wish they were more "memorable" but honestly, how much complaining can we do when people go hungry all over the place and are lucky to have a roof over their heads. But on a not-so-somber note... let us know how that book turns out! I just discovered long black boots and little skirts are AWESOME! Heck, I recently just discovered being girly is fantastic! Oh, and I love my yoga pants and tshirt days... the BEST.

  4. My birthday is the day before your mom's!

    I can completely relate to what you are saying about losing your mom. I'll be honest with you. It's been three years in January since my mom passed away and I still struggle. I have not put up a tree in 4 years. The last time was right before she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    On a happier note, I am so glad that you are getting better! You are lucky to have a good caregiver.