Saturday, December 5, 2009

Getting ready for a party ....

Just wanted to touch base ... I hope everyone has a great Saturday night.  I'm just putting the finishing touches on everything for our party tonight and listening to Queensryche on YouTube. One of my favourite bands!  The party should be fun...they always are.  We never really know who's going to show or how late it's gonna go.  There are regulars who come to just about every party ... others come once in a while.  A number of the regulars can't make it tonight ... that's the joys of December parties LOL.

Pictures will follow tomorrow.  Got a pretty bloody hot pair of gladiator sandals on tonight ... all in black ... I'm back to being mostly lighter blonde YAY!

Melanie - let us know how the party went!

Until tomorrow :)


  1. Thanks for a great time last night :> *HUG*

  2. Oooo Best of luck with the party!!! I hope you rocked it out!!

    I didn't go to the party actually. The weather was too bad. if you read the beginning of my latest post it explains what happened!

    I like black gladiator shoes. =)

  3. Thanks for a great time on Saturday. I want you know who to buy a pair of shoes like yours (evil wink) or like Ms. B's boots.