Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The importance of girlfriends ....

Growing up, I never really had many female friends.  When I was really young I did but when I got into grade 7, I changed my focus and I was WAY more physically mature than the other girls.  Which of course made me me visible to boys.  And there wasn't the drama with guys.  I learned to enjoy sports and cars but still retained my femininity.  And so it continued during my 20's and partway into my 30's.

Of late, I've actually made friendships with more and more women.  I've learned that women in their 30's and 40's and beyond are less inhibited, more spirited and lively and generally can be a blast to be around.  Of course I also have friends in their 20's.  I think I'm one of the oldest in my group of girlfriends.  Some of them I haven't seen in far too many years, and yet we could probably pick up where we left off.  But times change.  People get married, have children, and with life being so busy, those of us at different stages in our lives tend to hang with people in a similar stage.  While we love our friends who have children, we rarely get to see them.  Of course we've been so busy with renovations, surgery, injuries, deck building, etc., that we don't always make time for them either.  One of my New Year's Resolutions ... keep in touch with our friends and family more often.

Oddly enough, my male friends have decreased signficantly.  A sign of our time in life.  Although I must admit, they do seem to be paying a lot more attention lately.  LOL

Completely off topic, but I just HAD to share ... I was on the phone with Barry this afternoon at work.  All of a sudden I heard a beeeep.  Barry was attempting to multi-task.  He is no longer allowed to talk on the phone and try to use the calculator because he tried to add numbers with the phone pad.  I laughed so hard I almost lost my breath!

Then tonight he was using my laptop ... a machine which appears to baffle my wonderful husband.  Like all laptops, it has a touchpad instead of a mouse.  Which baffles Barry.  He couldn't get the computer to respond so he kept pressing the keys on the screen, to which I said "honey, it's not a touch screen".  He has definitely been button challenged today.

Another thing I've learned recently ... you really have to learn to laugh at yourself ... cause there are lots of people around who will do it for you.  I've learned to appreciate my girlfriends ... they come in all different sizes, shapes, ages, ethnicities, etc.  And I love them all.

Ladies ... you are a special bunch.  I'm glad I finally learned that.  My mom would be so proud....

Until tomorrow ....


  1. Yeah, I've been kinda technologically-challenged today where buttons are concerned. It's a miracle I was able to prepare three posts tonight, let alone one.

  2. I'm cheating with the whole touch pad thing. I have a wireless mouse, cuz I too am very technology challenged. hehe.

    This is a great post. I wish I had more femal friends in my life that I can count on. Almost all my femal friends from high school have either stabbed in the back or have babies now & are married so I'm a lil left out in the cold sorta speak. I have a lot of male friends which I guess is good in a way becuz they got my back. I like your news years resolution. I think I'm gunna add that to my list too. =)

  3. That's hilarious about Barry. :P

    This post really meant a lot more to me than you realize. You see, I don't have that many close female friends. (Well, I don't have very many close guy friends either, ha). But lately I have been longing for's just hard. Because like you said, people get married and have kids. And I'm at the age where a lot of girls my age are starting to have babies now and they want to be friends with other girls with kids who understand what they are going through and who can give them advice and who don't care if they talk about babies for four hours straight. lol. It's kind of frustrating...

    It's just hard to make friends after college. I'm really struggling with this right now. Honestly, if I didn't have my blog and all my blogging friends (you, Melanie, Barry, etc.) I would truly be depressed...