Thursday, January 28, 2010

another outfit post ... I'm on a roll!

I am so in love with these shoes ... I had my eyes on them for about 6 months ... saved a bit on them and they are SO comfy!

I swear this looks better live than in the picture.  It's actually a faux wrap top.  I couldn't resist it.
I love this skirt, although one oddity ... it's made from stretch material ... and then they lined it with non-stretch material and without a slit.  Made it way too tight.  So I performed surgery and put a slit in the lining.  Although it doesn't need it.  *sigh*  But I still love it!

The 3 weeks away from working out definitely did some damage but I'm back heading in the right direction again.  Although it's hard to tell from this picture.... nutrition continues to be my weak spot.
But I refuse to give up ... and I realized this morning with amazing clarity that this is not a temporary thing, this getting fit.  This is a lifelife commitment and I feel so much better when I work out.  I missed Wednesday's workout 'cause I slept in too late.  Nutrition was horrible that day too.  Today was somewhat better.  It's the thing I need to work on most.

"The only way to truly “fail” is to stop trying."

And I refuse to fail ....

Night all ...


  1. Omg Sandy I love your shoes!!! So I have to shop in Canada to get really awesome pumps?? I'm going to have to work on this. I love your outfit too. I like that it has so much color. I think Tim Gunn would be proud. =)

  2. I love skirts. You look wonderful.

  3. The shoes are awesome Sandy... soooooo sexy!!!

  4. Gorgeous shoes!! And that outfit is killer. I especially love that skirt and the way it ruffles at the bottom. Very classy and cute!

  5. Hi! did anyone told you, you have a gorgeus feet shape?? It is awesome for me!! Love the shoes&necklace!! You look wonderful :)

    Love your blog!



  6. Your shoes just made me cry. I love them!
    When I was younger, my mom had hundreds of these shoes, I would wear them to the "boys and girls" parties at school, and they would laugh at me.
    I enjoyed their humor, because they didn't understand what my relationship was with the shoes.
    Your blog = lovely!