Friday, January 29, 2010


Today was interesting.

I started off with a great workout and then proceeded to get ready for work. I make espresso every morning after breakfast.  Barry has extremely sensitive hearing so when I need to grind some beans, I say "grinding" and he says "leaving" and either goes down the hall or down the stairs.

This morning was a little different.  I did something which caused Barry to make a smart assed remark to which I gave him one of my "looks" that pretty much equates to ... I'm not sure what ... you're being a brat????  Then I turned towards the breakfast bar and said "grinding", to which Barry, plate in hand, practically jumps, tries to figure out where to put the plate, leaves it on the counter, yelps "leaving" and runs downstairs.  At which time I burst into hysterical laughter.  Those who do not fully understand Barry's antics won't appreciate this but Tony, you will likely understand better than most.  Then he yells up "you weren't going to grind?.... you bitch!"  Which of course makes me laugh even harder.  So he runs back upstairs, gives me one of his "looks", calls me a witch, to which I say "payback's a bitch, eh?" and he's laughing the whole time.  Trust me, it was funnier in person ... I laughed my ass off.  I had no intention of grinding but it turns out I needed to anyway.

Work was crazy this morning and I was meeting someone for lunch.  She (yes, she) was my contact at my client and now works for one of our landlords.  small world.  Anyway, enroute to my lunch, I passed a couple of young black men (colour is irrelevant but kinda in this case), heard one of them say to the other "I'll facebook you later) and thought nothing of it.  A moment later, I hear, excuse me miss (at least it wasn't ma'am), those are some bad-ass pants you're wearing (they're my black leopard print jeans)

He ended up walking part way with me, introducing himself (Anton if I remember correctly), very polite, very nice and when he was leaving he said it was nice to meet me, hoped to see me again and to keep rockin' those pants.  I was wearing my sunglasses, so he asked if he could see my eyes.  I took them off and he looked at me and said "you're really pretty".  I said thank you, my husband thinks so too.  Do you remember Barry's chicken hat?  Anton was wearing a monkey hat.  Did I mention he was probably 20-22?  It was definitely flattering.

Then on the way back from lunch, I bumped into another guy I've met (Mark ... yet another black guy ... I'm not sure what it is, although I think black men tend to have fewer inhibitions than other men ... and I LOVE IT!) who asked me if I had my cellphone (gee, I wonder where THIS is going), I checked my coat and said, no, it looks like I left it in the office.  Big surprise, he said he was going to give me his number so we could get together.  I know, perfect opportunity to mention hubby.  I said I'd see him around.

Go figure.

Did I mention it was a whopping -15C?  I think that's around 15F for our American friends ...  But it was very sunny so that helped immensely.

Tomorrow we're off to renew my license and Barry's plates and Sunday I'm off to get my hair re-coloured and cut (shaped actually).

I've been awarded a couple of awards which I really most post.  See you all tomorrow!


  1. I can totally see this happening. Cara gets the same "attention" from those particular men as well.....that stuff with the coffee beans is crazy kids

  2. Yay! This post made me smile and laugh. :) Thanks for that.

    I'm not surprised by all the male attention you've been recieving lately. You're pretty and curvy and hilarious and sweet and pretty much every guy's dream! Barry is a lucky guy!

    And yes, those are some bad-ass pants!! Lol. xoxo

  3. Guys respond to an energy that we give off and I can totally see it with you rocking those pants!

    You go girl!!!

    Soryy I have been MIA. The stepdaughter has had possession of the computer this week...