Monday, January 18, 2010


Yes, I seem to be on  a roll.

I am not sure why, but the devastation in Haiti has really affected me.  My respect for those who are on the front lines, helping those who have lost everything, is beyond anything I have experienced before.  The tsunami in Indonesia was devastating and yet it did not affect me as much.  This has actually made me want to go help.  Of course I know that will not happen.  But I will help any way that I can.

Every time I see footage, it makes me want to cry.  Maybe because these people have endured so much.  Maybe because they are in the same hemisphere as I am.  Maybe because the media has just done that good a job of making their plight come to life.  I do not know what it is ... all I know is that I wish there was something I could do other than donate money.

It has been so encouraging to see the world step up and help.  The millions that have been raised, the resources that have been allocated, even if they are not yet there, is amazing.  Who knows, maybe I am just getting to be more of a softie the older I get.

I truly  hope that none of you have been directly affected by this and lost loved ones.  I think maybe part of the effect has been the fact that our Governor General is from Haiti, from a town that has been devastated and that help is very hard to get to them.  Just after the quake, she was on TV, and although she tried valiantly to hide it, you could see how genuinely upset (talk about an understatement) she was.  It was the first time I think I have ever seen a politician with tears in their eyes.  Maybe that is part of why I have been so affected.

But I do hope that you will all join me in keeping those wonderful people in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.


  1. Amen, Sandy.

    One of my co-workers is dating a guy from Haiti. He has not been able to get in touch with his mother since the quake. He has no idea whether she is dead or alive, and the toll on him has been unbearable.

    There was one bright spot when he was able to track down his aunt, who is hospitalized.

    So, as you lift these people up in prayer, please say a special prayer for Sergio and his mom!

  2. Great post, and it is just so sad. I agree, it is great to see the world reaching out to help.


  3. I know , it's so heart-breaking :/

  4. Yes, they definitely need our help. It will take all of US to make this better.