Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A successful shopping trip

So much to say ... so little time.  On a happy note ... my girlfriend Patricia took me shopping on Saturday.  And what a successful trip it was :)  A pair of black, grey and white pair of pointy-toe 3" stiletto heels, a black purse with gunmetal grey crocodile handles and trim, a grey and white pair of (moderately) low cut, fairly wide legged pants, a straight skirt with a little flounce at the bottom (same print as the pants), a blue, green and black draped, sleeveless top, a faux-wrap, black, blue, green, pink and purple top with a black cami and a pair of Spanx.  Then yesterday I popped into my local lingerie store and bought a red set and a nude bra.  OMG they're gorgeous!

So all in all ... I'm really happy.  I know I promised outfit pics ... I haven't forgotten ... part of my problem ... almost all my shoes are at work ... except for my new ones!

Stay tuned ...


  1. I'm excited to see your new purchases sans the red undies of course. hahaha! That will be for Barry's eyes only.

  2. Pics would be fun but I'm thinking not the red lingerie... unless you want that kind of blog of course :)

  3. I thought Nude Bra was an oxymoron, like Jumbo Shrimp. Maybe I'm just a moron. Anyway glad you had lots of fun.