Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Hi All,

Sorry I've been so sporadic in my posts ... I guess I kinda made up for in that last one.  Whew!  I promise this is far more pictures then words.

Saturday I went for a mani-pedi and got my hair blown out, found a red cami (actually got 4 great camis for $28 ... they're regularly $16 EACH) so I was really happy.

Got home, got dressed and off we went to see Alfie Zappacosta at a great little venue in the west end of Toronto called Hugh's Room.  Our seats were literally beside the stage.  Check out the view ...

The stage was literally at our table ... I could reach out and touch the keyboard ... not to mention rest my foot on the stage.  The food was great, the music awesome and he even had a guest, Janet MacEwan, join him.  Just an awesome evening all round.

So here's Barry ....

I actually managed to get most of his ensemble from Pinstripe Menswear.  The jacket I tried on ... it fit me in the shoulders and fortunately (or scarily I'm not sure which), it fit him perfectly.  Not bad for $50.  Same for the shirt which is actually really sharp.  The dress pants were actually from Marks Work Wearhouse.  The shoes (they're Brogues and God help me I'm trying to change that situation) he's had for a number of years.

Keep in mind these pictures were actually taken at about 1:15 a.m. after our dinner out ... except this one was at the show ....

I kept the shrug on for most of the evening.  Now for the after-show show :)

 I LOVE the detail in the back ... please excuse the fat arms ... yeesh!

The shoes of course ... I love, love, love these shoes ... not the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn but I really don't give a crap when they look this hot!  And of course the toenails were painted red to accent the red cami and lips ....

We really liked this photo ... plus it shows off my hair ...

And this is one of my favourite pieces that my sister has made.  Long story behind it but I won't bore you with it.  Suffice it to say that I love it.

Valentine's Day was really nice ... slept in a little, brekkie, latte, errands, housework then Barry froze his hiney off and BBQ'd steak and I made the veggies and we had wine with dinner (shocking), tea and chocolate cake.   And yeah, and candlelight and french music.  It was a lovely quiet dinner for just the two of us.

Today (Family Day here in Ontario so we have the day off) has been cleaning, touch ups, laundry, all that domestic stuff we never got around to the past couple of days.  I actually got up and did a light workout.  I was shocked at my lack of stamina but I had to get back at it sometime.  I'll be back up to my old schedule of 4:15 a.m. as of tomorrow.  At least it's only 4 days this week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the "show".


  1. I love coats and scarves. They just top off an outfit. Y'all looked all cozy from your night out, and schnazzy to boot.

  2. You are SO FREAKING PRETTY!! You look amazing with red lipstick--something I feel not many women can get away with. Your black dress is so gorgeous. Oh, and those shoes? I die.

    Barry is such a sharp dresser!! He looks terrific as well. I'm pretty sure you were the best-dressed couple at the show. I don't even need to see the other audience members from the show to tell you that. Lol.

    And it's funny how you tried on the jacket to make sure it fit Barry. That is the exact same thing my mom does when she buys clothes for my dad. Hey, if it works, why not? ;)

    I'm also really glad to see you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

    I hope you have a great week, Sandy! xoxo

  3. You look amazing and it looks like a beautiful Valentine's Day!

    By the way, I have an award for you on my recent blog post!


  4. Glad you guys had fun, Zap's great