Thursday, February 11, 2010

Health, A dress, Re-emergence, and Outfits...

Wow, where do I start?

First and foremost ... I'm feeling MUCH better!  I'm getting my energy back big time ... look out world ... especially Barry! LOL  Longer days help a LOT.  And it was sunny today.  Makes SUCH a difference.

BTW - I'm listening to the new Timberland CD so if my thoughts seem a little scattered, I hope you'll understand.

I found a steal of a deal (by Canadian standards I suppose) today.  I went looking for a "little black dress" yesterday and was very disappointed.  But then again, I went to Addition-Elle (plus sized clothing for those who don't know).  Let's just say that they really don't know what plus sized women should be wearing.  Never mind what "fashion" says ... there are things that should NEVER be worn by a 4X woman!  I'm roughly a size 16 (not that size means anything these days) and I won't wear some of this stuff!  But that's my issue ... I guess if you're confident enough to pull it off, good for you.  I think.  But it really goes against my sensibilities....  There are simply items that shouldn't be sold any larger than about a size 8.  MAX.    But I digress.  I tried on 4 dresses and let's just say that the best of the bunch was OK but not great.  And with a $170 price tag, definitely NOT worth it.

So I was going to go to Winners (discounted items ... nice clothes, some designer stuff) but a co-worker told me yesterday that Reitman's (one of my fav stores and where I've gotten probably 90% of my wardrobe) had dresses.  So I went today.  I went early, before the crowd could get there.  And OMG OMG OMG I found my dress.  It's plain black, a faux wrap, to the knees (or a litte above, I can't remember), sleeveless, more or less an empire waist and then it float away from the body.  It looks freeking FABULOUS!  It has 3 covered buttons in back at the neck with a little peephole.  I definitely have to wear a cami with it but I can totally change the look of the dress depending on the cami, the shoes, the jewellery.  It was EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Price tag ... $15.00!!!!!  I ended up getting a long black shrug (which I needed) and a pair of straight leg (I can't believe it) dark wash jeans (again, something I needed), all for a whopping $62 with taxes.  I realize that by U.S. standards, it's not a big deal, but it's pretty good for up here. 

I'm transitioning right now from a plus size woman to a "regular" sized woman so I really don't want to invest a lot of money, or buy clothes that are going to last years 'cause I won't be able to wear them in a while anyway!  One of my recent pants purchases is big on me already.  Good problem  to have.

It's interesting, since I started upping my style, some of my co-workers (especially my quad-mates) have been upping their look as well.  One of the girls (she's the youngest by about 17 years), who wears black, black and more black (not even grey and white), and who looks AMAZING in colour, is finally starting to wear colour!  YAY YAY YAY!  And she said I was her inspiration.   WOW.

I really don't know how to explain how amazing I feel.  I feel like I was lost for a long time (and yet Barry stuck with me) and I'm just now re-emerging, like before, only a LOT better.  I'm older, wiser and calmer. I don't EVER want to go back to where I was last year.  It was a pretty dark place.  Interesting this change has happened since mom died.  I think the pressure is off.  I don't have anyone to take care of.  Barry's great 'cause he's pretty self-sufficient.  Except for food and laundry but he'd figure it out if he had to. 

So I'm ready to start back at the workouts again ... I'll do some stretching tomorrow and maybe even get a walk in after work.  I've been out and about during lunch hours but not enough.  That's gotta change next week.  Saturday I'm going to focus on getting my plan ready, food prepped, etc. so that Sunday I'll be ready to go again. 

We're off to dinner and performance by one of our fav artists ... Zappacosta ... he's been around for years.  Born in Italy, his family moved to Toronto when he was 6 months so we like to think he's a Torontian.   It's a nice place, not too fancy, but nice.  I'll be wearing my new LBD, shrug, gladiator shoes and some sort of bold jewellery.  Barry will be wearing black dress pants, purple striped shirt, charcoal fine-whale corduroy sport jacket and his black Brogues (I really hate those things ... we'll have to get him a pair of shoes from this century).  And yes, Sunday we'll do an outfit post.  We'll even include a picture of us in our new specs.  Plus I'll have my hair freshly done and  a mani-pedi.  Barry'll be clean shaven.  Not a bad looking couple LOL

I'll say good night now ... stay tuned to Sunday's outfit post ... but we'll be in touch before then.  Have an awesome Friday!


  1. Love the dress, love this post, love the new you.

    I can't wait for Saturday!


  2. I am SO happy you are feeling better!! I hope you had a wonderful dinner with Barry. I hope to see photos of your new little black dress! I'm sure you looked gorgeous. :)

    I know what you mean about plus-sized clothing being disappointing. I went shopping last summer with a friend who shopped at plus size stores and I was outraged by her selection she had to choose from...sigh.

    I hope you have a great weekend. xoxo