Sunday, March 21, 2010

Somebody turned the clocks ahead again ...

I think it's because we got up an hour later than usual.  Although I didn't really notice it until about 2 pm today ... and then every 5 minutes it was an hour later.  Or so it seemed.

We had a good weekend.  I got a TON of stuff done in the back garden.  I'm almost ready to start dividing and replanting.  Almost.  But I think I overdid it.  Only an hour to bedtime but I've got some serious stretching to do.

Barry's awesome.  I overdid my digging and had filled 4 bags with garden debris but by the time I was finished, I couldn't carry the bags up the hill.  So he went out and brough them up for me.  And he brought me my heating pad.  And made me tea.  And dinner.  Put the dishes away from the dishwasher and loaded it up gain.  And brought my laptop downstairs.  I never did get our insurance claims done.  I do have to get up and move tho or I won't be going anywhere tomorrow.

Speaking of which ... I really need to take a week off.  I'm usually OK with taking long weekends or a day here and there.  But I'm feeling like a need a real break.  From the office politics.  From using my brain so much (legal documents can be a real pain).  From the transiting into work and home.  I just need to shake up my days a little.  Friday was awesome, even if I did go downtown ... it was still something different.

I'm hoping we can pop into our local nursery this week.  I need flowers....that are blooming.  There's lots of growth ... I've got some crocuses that are almost in full bloom.  They're a bright, deep yellow and I absolutely LOVE them.

Kinda bad news about my electric blue nails ... they chipped like crazy.  Maybe it was all the manual labour.  Fortunately I have the colour.  Not nearly as good a job as Tonia but I'm ok with it.  I think.  I'll be seeing her on Friday for a new polish job.  Maybe sooner if this one is too bad.

Falling asleep ... and yes, it's only 9:10 p.m. ... better than yesterday ... then I was falling asleep around 4 pm ... gotta love the fresh air and exercise.

Hope you all had a great weekend ... and looking forward to a good week ahead.  Goodnight!


  1. It was a good weekend wasn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing what magic you'll work in the garden this year.

    Love you!!

  2. I'm so glad you had a fabulous weekend, my love! I'm not surprised that you want to go to a nursery...I feel compelled to start a garden myself - the weather has been so nice lately!! :)

  3. What a great way to spend the week-end. I always found gardening very calming and theraputic. I went for a walk on our property and although things up this way are about 2 weeks behind in blooming, compared to GTA - The geese are back, the birds are chirping ... ahhh Spring has arrived. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden.