Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy day today

So I'm on vacation but I don't think I've really chilled too much.  Not that I'm complaining.  Today was odd tho'.

I went for a follow mammogram (had to go every 6 months 'cause they found a cyst a year ago) and had good news ... I'm back to an annual checkup of both breasts.  YAY!

Then I went to my surgeon who stripped a vein in my leg in January ... which I've managed to rip to shreds ... my family doc gave me an antibiotic cream which was helping but I think I got a little heavy-handed ... the surgeon hadn't seen anything like it either (it got back 'cause I scratched the living bepeepers out of my left and it got infected) so he gave me a steriod cream (to be used VERY sparingly over the next 2 weeks only) and referred me to a dermatologist.  Hopefully I don't have to go to THAT appointment.

Then I did some stuff and on the way home I crossed one street on the green light and proceeded to hang a right and start walking across the other street on a red light with an SUV coming towards me ... he laid on the horn and yelled at me to which I yelled back "sorry!" and then almost went into a panic attacked but I shut it down.

I think it was too much coffee, not near enough water, lots and lots of walking and no food.  I drank lots of water, walked home, got some food, more water and then watered my lawn and gardens and then my HVAC maintenance guy came over and checked everything out so we're good to go for the summer.  He was shocked to hear how little we pay in gas every month ... most people with a 20 year old furnace pay about double what we do ... so I was very happy.

Speaking of gardening ... update is here.

Be back soon....


  1. Busy bee arent we! And yes hopefully you dont have to go to THAT appointment!

  2. Wow, so busy! Hopefully you get to relax soon! xx