Sunday, April 25, 2010

My vacation week.

Wow, where do I begin???

Firstly, I got LOTS of stuff done in the gardens.  In fact, other than applying bone meal and mulch and annual flowers (in baskets and window boxes), I'm done.  The gardens are ready.  I've NEVER been this ready, this early.  yes, our weather has been AMAZING but no, I haven't done an expansion other than the 2 foot street I stealthily did while Barry was out.  That's helped out immensely.

Barry and I had Monday and Tuesday together which was great.  2 1/2 hours in Home Depot on Monday and installing lattice on Tuesday.  Then we spent all of Saturday installing lattice along the foundation of our house out back.  It looks so good!  I can't wait to see the honeysuckles in bloom on that lattice.

I took care of some doctors appointments ... thankfully those are over.

I was able to just sit and relax on Friday afternoon. 

Sunday I spent a few hours at the salon, getting all gorgeous'd up and ready to go back to the insanity.  But first I went to my girlfriend's wedding shower.  Now, I hate showers.  Mostly baby showers.  Bridal isn't usually too bad but I wasn't crazy about going but since she's such a good friend, of course I went.  And I actually had a pretty good time, met some great women so I won't feel completely alone at the wedding.  Except for Barry of course.  He and I will be the greeters for the wedding.

So here I am, writing my post and kinda watching tv and doing laundry all at the same time.  I had such high hopes for today and tomorrow.  They were calling for rain.  I don't remember the last time we actually had rain.  I think it's going to be one VERY hot, dry summer.  Which is good and bad.

Speaking of dry summers ... we already have one rain barrel on the north side of our house.  We bought a second one for the back of the house.  The one on the north side is pretty much hidden so it's one of those basic green rainbarrels which is fine.  But for the back of the house, it had to look good since you'd see it as soon as you walked down the slope and while sitting on the deck.  I found one at Home Depot.  It kinda reminds me of a stone urn.  Very stylish.

So Friday night we had gone back to Home Depot to pick another 4x8' sheet of lattice because we decided it would look better to run the lattice across the entire width of the house, rather than just most of it.  So here we are with a large roll of lattice, which Barry loads into the Matrix.  Then the puts the rainbarrel inside the rolled up lattice.  Then we put 11 fence post caps which are actually solar lights ... very cool ... along with 4 2x2x 8' pieces of wood.  All the while, 2 guys in a big American pickup are watching as we're loading this relatively small import (which of course if built here in Ontario, yay).  They were more than a little surprised and I must admit that Barry and I felt more than just a little smug.

Now I have to plan out my week for workouts and meals and get to it.  And then it's beddy-by time in about 90 minutes.  I don't know where the time goes.  So much else has happened but I'll leave that for another day ...

ta, ta for now!