Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Weekend ... Gardening, A Rain Barrel, Fitness, Latte and a Cheap Drunk for a Hubby

All in all, we had a great weekend.   The weather was bizarre ... sun, warm, cooling, rain for 5 minutes, rumbling thunder that never amounted to anything (what else is new around here), sun, cloud, comfy weather.  That was yesterday.  Today it was cloud, cool, rain for 10 minutes, sun, warm, cloud, cool.  This all happens inside of about 2 hours.  Odd.  And the forecasters were predicting about 15-25 cm (1/2 to 1 inch) over the weekend.  Yeah, right.

Of course latte is always first on the list for the weekend.  But given that they were forecasting rain, we "rushed" (only an hour or so) for latte, got ready, prepared a base for the new barrel,

then installed this trellis over the potting bench,

added some pipe cover for our A/C unit.  Then it rained for 5 minutes or so.  So we had lunch and watched a show.  Then I noticed that it wasn't raining, so out we went, added these solar lights,

then added fishing wire along the back fence for the climbing rose

.  I'm hoping that in 2012, we'll add an arbour to the back gate.  Then we ran an errand, had dinner and chilled for the evening.

Today started off with a lower body workout (OMG), a 2 hour latte, several errands, shaving hubby's head, some mundane things around the house.  I had taken some meat (mostly chicken) out of the freezer in the hopes that our BBQ would actually fire up today.  It didn't.  So I had 3 LARGE chicken breasts, 9 assorted souvlaki and a couple of very substantial pork chops that I had to cook.  So they were all done in the oven, which is fine but they definitely taste better BBQ'd.

So I figured I'd make a nice meal ... baked pork chops in a cream of mushroom and onion soup (old trick of my mom's), corn on the cob and asparagus sauteed in a little butter, soya sauce and sea salt.  And I figured I'd open a nice bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot.  REALLY nice BTW.  I admit, I had about 1 1/2 med sized glasses, Barry had a little less.  I definitely felt it when I stood up after dinner and put on a cup of tea.  Barry decided he would try to put the BBQ cover back on.  It looks like rain again.  He figured it would be rather funny.  While he is a very cheap drunk, and very silly when he's had anything to drink, he wasn't nearly as funny as he thought he we would be.  Maybe I needed to give him a little more .... he really is quite cute when inembriated.  Very silly.

So we're off to have some tea and chill.  Just wanted to make sure I posted before the evening got away from me.

Here's some more pics of the gardens if you're interested .... here

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  1. What a busy week-end! Everything looks great ... and your meal sounds so yummy, lucky hubby. Thank you for the kind words you've left on my postings. Paris really was great! In the summer if your up this way ... pop in for some vino .. if you like.